Stu Larsen announces ‘Songs I Wrote,’ new EP out 12/22 ; “Lost In A Haze” out today

September 29, 2023 BY Emma Orland

Today, Stu Larsen, the Australian singer-songwriter with a wild streak of wanderlust and a knack for tastefully marrying narrative and melody shares his new single “Lost In A Haze” and announces his new EP, Songs I Wrote, which will be released on December 22, 2023, via Nettwerk. This new collection of music was produced by Tim Hart of Boy & Bear and was recorded partly in Italy, Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

Stu shares, “I have never been more excited or ready to release new music into the world. From writing the ideas to doing little demo versions to recording in a bunch of different places. Tim Hart (Boy & Bear) has produced these songs from Australia while I’ve been floating around Italy, Germany, England and Scotland. He has absolutely smashed it and done all of the heavy lifting. The hardest part for me in the process was finding a quiet place to record vocals and guitar while I’ve been moving around. This new collection, ‘Songs I Wrote’ is the companion EP to the cover songs I released throughout 2022 called ‘Songs I Wish I Wrote’. I love these five new ones and can’t wait for you to hear them.” 

Lost In A Haze” is the first single from Songs I Wrote to be released on December 22, 2023 and is available at all digital retailers here:

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On “Lost In A Haze,” Stu Larsen explores a lyrical window into the depths of human connection while adding another layer of emotional depth to his already multifaceted repertoire. With each lyric, Larsen invites us to explore the complexities of love and loss, reminding us that even in the midst of endings, there is beauty to be found. “It’s really an anthem for anyone feeling stuck in a situation when you know the clear way forward but your partner is unsure. I have definitely been on both sides of this fence over the years,” Stu shares.


Larsen grew up in a small rural community in Queensland. Around 2010 he decided that he wanted to see the world and experience it as authentically as he could. So, he packed his bags and joined friend and fellow musician Mike Rosenberg, better known by his stage name Passenger, on tour. Stu adopted the nomadic lifestyle that would inform the entirety of his early catalogue – i.e., the debut album Vagabond and follow-up LP Resolute. But, a period of personal upheaval helped inform Larsen’s third full-length outing, Marigold, which saw him dealing with the end of a relationship. He was joined by another longtime friend and fellow musician, Tim Hart (of Boy & Bear), in Sydney’s Golden Retriever Studios.

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