Stu Larsen

Stu Larsen is an Aussie Singer-Songwriter with a wild streak of wanderlust and a knack for tastefully marrying narrative and melody. Emerging in 2014 with the aptly named Vagabond, his congenial folk-pop is both exploratory and inclusive, a love letter to the power of music and travel.Larsen grew up in a small rural community in Queensland. Around 2010 he decided that he wanted to not only see the world but to experience it as authentically as he could, so he packed his bags and joined friend and fellow musician Mike Rosenberg, better know by his stage name Passenger, and adopted the nomadic lifestyle that would inform the songs on his aptly named debut record, the Nettwerk-issued Vagabond. The LP, which was produce by Rosenberg and included the hit 'Thirteen Sad Farewells,' launched Larsen on an unending tour that included shows and layovers in North America, Asia, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.After the tour, Larsen continued to roam, sculpting what would eventually be the tracks for his sophomore outing via distant locales that included a cottage in Scotland, an apartment in Spain, and an army bunker back in Australia. He eventually decamped to Rosenberg’s studio in Brighton, England, with longtime friend and fellow Singer-Songwriter Luke Thompson to lay down some demos. In 2016, he released one of those demos, 'By the River,' with the full-length Resolute arriving the following year. Another globe-trotting affair, the ten track set was built off of impromptu voice memos and pieced together in multiple locations, including Scotland, Spain, and Australia.A period of person upheaval (and more travel) helped to inform Larsen’s third full-length outing, 2020’s Marigold, which saw the Singer-Songwriter dealing with the end of a relationship. This time he was joined by another longtime friend and fellow musician, Tim Hart in Sydney’s Golden Retriever Studios with Simon Berckelman where they lifted Larsen’s songs to a whole new level.A new chapter begins in 2022 with 'Part Time Lover'. Written in a hotel room in Berlin then shaped and recorded with some new Italian friends at the legendary Fonoprint Studios in Bologna.