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Nettwerk One Music is an innovative, international multi-faceted music publishing company with roots stemming back almost 30 years when Nettwerk's publishing division was launched with the Nettwerk Music Group in 1984. We are a boutique styled publishing house known for its flexibility and attention to detail that we pride ourselves on. With a catalogue consisting of over 16,000 copyrights and numerous acclaimed songs, we have had the privilege of working alongside such talented composer/artists as Sarah McLachlan, Johnny Reid, Natalie Merchant, Sinead O'Connor, Airbourne, Skinny Puppy, Matt and Kim, Gary Clark, among many others.

NW1 was initially called Nettoverboard and in the early 1980s began serving the artists of the newly founded Nettwerk Music Group, such as Moev, Skinny Puppy and The Grapes of Wrath. We now have offices in Vancouver, Nashville, New York, LA and London, and serve artists and composers based around the globe. Our Sync department is renowned for it effectiveness. Headquartered in LA, the heart of film and tv production, we also have sync staff in New York, London and Vancouver. We have partners all over the world extending endless worldwide opportunities for our writers. NW1 has successfully stepped into the electronic world, and into the country world through our partnerships with the acclaimed Nashville publishing houses Moraine Music & Revelry Music. We also work in the Hip Hop world with such artists as Daniel "MF DOOM" Dumile, as well as !lmind and Magneto7. In addition, our partnership with the world's premiere video game company, Electronic Arts entitled Artwerk Music, has lead to such signings as Airbourne, Chromeo, Ladytron and Matt and Kim.

What does the future hold for Nettwerk One? We are striving to be as effective as possible in the very competitive areas of song pitching and film & tv placement for our writers' music. We are focused on growing carefully, working with quality writers and artists so we can super-serve them. While we remain focused on being a strong publisher in N.America and in Europe we want to be equally effective in the expanding markets of Asia and South America. We do this with a great team of people that strive towards these ambitions with enthusiasm and fun.

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Mark Jowett
Partner NW1

Mark has a variety of roles at NW1 but one of the biggest is helping sign artists and writers to NW1 and then trying to help them develop successful careers

He started out as a guitarist in the electronic group Moev in the early 1980s and then was involved in founding Nettwerk and the rest in history
"Working at Nettwerk is like a perpetual learning experience because the music industry is always changing.  It makes it challenging but keeps it fun."

Mark is on the FACTOR, CMPA and Transmission advisory boards in Canada. He has won a Juno for producing best new album, Rose Chronicles years ago.  He also plays cello in the Little Night Music Orchestra and guitar in the indie band Cinderpop.

Some of my favorite things:

Song: couldn't possibly pick one …there are so many great songs
Movie: 'Amelie'
Food: Too many to mention

Blair McDonald
Partner NW1

Blair is based in London and his role is the overall management of the publishing business from creative to administrative.
Prior to NW1, he spent seven years at Virgin Music Publishing in London, seven years as Managing Director at Sony/ATV Music in London, and 3 years as Managing Director of Columbia Records in the UK, then two years running his own label and publishing company.

Some of my favorite things:

Song: couldn't possibly pick one …there are so many great songs
Movie: 'Local Hero' by Bill Forsyth
Food: I love all food!

Craig Horton
Director of Business Affairs, Publishing and Royalty Administration

Craig Horton plays the role of traffic cop, directing contract paperwork and admin activity among the business affairs, publishing administration and royalty calculation teams for music publishing and the label.

Craig has been in the music industry since 1978, when he played his first professional gig as a percussionist.  He has been paid to sit behind a drum kit, at a radio station reception desk, worked for the Performing Rights Organization, started a music publishing and artist management company, was director of a private college and joined the Nettwerk family in 2004 in publishing administration.  Craig sits on the boards of SOCAN, CMRRA and the SOCAN Foundation.

Some of my favorite things:

Song: Candle in the Wind performed by Elton John, written by Elton John and Bernard Taupin
Movie: Alien with Sigourney Weaver
Food: Anything my wife makes     

Melissa Emert-Hutner
Director of Publishing, US Operations

Melissa Emert-Hutner is an industry veteran of over 15 years, and is currently Director of Publishing, US Operations at Nettwerk Music Group in New York City. Her role entails working with Nettwerk One Music's publishing roster of writers and artists by setting up co-writes, pitching songs for cuts, and seeking out new writers and artists to add to the roster. Prior to this, Melissa ran her own company, Hoseb Management, where she represented songwriters, record producers and mixers. She was also a partner of Mean It! Management representing bands, and has worked in the fields of online marketing, product management, and radio promotion in the past.

Some of my favorite things:

Songs:  I listen and enjoy so much, it's impossible to narrow it down
Movies: All types in the horror genre but ESPECIALLY B-Horror movies
Foods: Anything and everything as long as it's Mexican or seafood or Mexican seafood

AJ Burton
Director of Publishing

AJ is the Director of Publishing and heads up the newly opened Nettwerk Nashville office.  Nettwerk’s relationship with AJ began in 2011 with the initiation of a partnership between NW1 and Revelry Music Group, an independent Nashville publishing company co-founded by Burton. Through the joint venture, NW1 and Revelry signed several successful Nashville writers, like Neil Mason and Jessie Jo Dillon. In his role with Nettwerk, Burton will seek new writing talent, pitch songs for cuts, as well as opportunities for current NW1 clients in Nashville.

Some of my favorite things:

Songs:  Too many to choose from, but if I’m forced into picking one, “Everlong” by Foo Fighters
Movies: Scary movies of all kinds and Rambo and Rocky movies
Foods: Mmmmm…food!

Allison Kendall
Publishing Administration

Allison's main task is to manage Nettwerk's growing songwriter catalogue, which means registering songs with the various North American performing and mechanical rights societies.  She started with the company in 2006 as an intern attending Capilano's Arts and Entertainment Management program. Bragging rights?  'Hmmmmm.  Well, I probably know more song titles and writer splits than I should!'

Some of my favorite things:

Songs:  Blackbird or Hey Jude both written by John Winston Lennon and Paul James McCartney
Movies: Casablanca
Foods: any!

Thomas Hays
Copyright and Administration

His role is overseeing song registrations in the UK and Scandinavia and ensuring our songs are correctly represented around the world through our sub-publishing partnerships.

Before he worked at Nettwerk he spent 11 year at PRS for Music in writer/publisher relations.

Some of my favorite things:

Songs:  Impossible to Choose
Movies: The Thomas Crown Affair
Foods: French Cuisine

Andrea Dyck
Business Affairs Administrator

As a Business Affairs Administrator, Andrea works specifically with the film and television department working to ensure contracts for film and television placements are completed. As well, she works with the Publishing department to ensure the proper writer shares of are accounted for when sending approvals for synchronisation placements. In addition, she answers general inquiries in regards to payment and processing, and directs requests to the appropriate parties. On any given day, and much like the rest of us, you will usually find her glued to the computer, typing away!

Prior to this role, she was an intern at Nettwerk Music Group and Warner Bros. Records after going to school for Arts and Entertainment Management

Some of my favorite things:

Song: Hard to choose just one! Depending on my mood, it may range from Sir Mix-A-Lot's "Jump On It" to Barbara's "My Man" to Frank's "Moon River" to Mumford's "I Will Wait"...
Movie:  If I have to choose only one, it may be Ocean's 11 (the old, the new... it's all amazing).
Food: Brie topped with figs and caramelized onions, served with a heritage baguette.

Amanda Hawkshaw
Publishing Royalty Administrator

Each royalty period Amanda receives reports and statements (sometimes paper, sometimes digital) from various societies, labels and our partners from around the world; it is her job to take the tens of thousands of lines of information in these reports and transform them into readable statements for NW1's writers.    

Music has always been a part of her life, she started playing the piano at a young age and picked up the trombone in grade 7 for school bands and then the violin (for fun) when she was 16.   After attaining a BA from the University of Guelph she attended Music Industry Arts in London ON.  Upon graduating she received the Musicounts Fred Sherratt Award in 2008.   She worked at Casablanca Media Publishing in Toronto for a year (May 2008 - 2009) before moving to Vancouver.

Some of my favorite things:

Songs:  Glitter In The Air (P!nk) written by Billy Mann & Alecia Moore, The Long Way Around (Dixie Chicks) written by Martie Maguire, Natalie Maines, Emily Robison, Daniel Dodd Wilson
Movies: Beauty and the Beast, Love Actually
Foods: Broccoli, Steak, Lemon Meringue Pie

Christina Roque
Publishing Royalties Assistant

Royalties Member to the awesome Publishing team, our role allows us to organize income revenue to assist and help songwriters. We receive cheques from various music partnering companies, and feed statement information into Music Maestro to calculate summaries for our Nettwerk friends!

Christina gravitated towards the industry by having an increasing interest in music magazine articles, photography and artist interviews, which lead her to attending school for Music Business Management.

Some of my favorite things:

Songs:  Slum Village - Tainted, Erykah Badu - Back In The Day, Common - The Light
Movies: Poetic Justice
Foods: mm Poutines!

Lindsay MacPherson
Business Affairs Administrator

As a Business Affairs Administrator, Lindsay tackles all mechanical licenses for NW1 along with digesting contracts and any other paperwork thrown at her on a day to day basis.

Prior to Nettwerk, Lindsay was a Project Coordinator for Secret Study and Boompa Records

Some of my favorite things:

Songs:  From the past few years: Lee Fields & The Expressions “Still Hanging On”, Holy Ghost! “Wait & See”, Bahamas “Lost In The Light”
Movies: The Neverending Story, Eagle vs Shark
Foods: I could probably survive off of veggies and hummus


It is and has always been all about the music and that means it remains a never-ending journey of discovery and wonder.
- Mark Jowett