Information on Internships at Nettwerk

December, 2019

At Nettwerk Music Group, we aim to find spirited, self-motivated interns who are passionate about music to join our label team! Applicants should be the usual definition of awesome – detail oriented, punctual and friendly! The ideal candidate has the ability to prioritize jobs, research and collect data as needed, can work independently while demonstrating initiative. The intern will work with an eclectic roster of artists and will finish the internship having gained broad experience in the music industry.

Internship opportunities at Nettwerk include Online Marketing, Publicity, Marketing, Sales and Sync departments. The candidate must be enrolled in either a graduate or undergraduate program and be receiving school credit for their internship. All interns are subject to the applicable Nettwerk employee rules, including the Mutual Right to Arbitrate Claims and Confidentiality Agreement. Please apply only if you meet the eligibility requirements and specify which department(s) interests you.

Candidates must submit a resume and cover letter including what you hope to gain out of your internship experience and why you are interested in the music industry.

Subject:(department desired) Spring 2020 Internship

Online Marketing:

Students get real hands-on experience in the expanding social media industry, work with an eclectic roster of artists and help develop their online presence. Candidates in this department should be passionate about music and have an interest in online marketing and social media. Experience with Adobe Photoshop and video editing (iMovie and Adobe Premiere).

Duties include: 

  • Assist in the online presence of our label roster artists using innovative marketing practices, research, music discovery and viral campaigns
  • Use social media platforms to inform fans about touring Nettwerk artists
  • Uncover music discovery sites and build Nettwerk artist presence and following
  • Help create online content using graphic design and video editing skills with the guidance of the Online Marketing team


Internships in the Press / PR department at Nettwerk require students who are passionate about helping artists maximize their exposure through media opportunities.

Duties include: 

  • Maintain press reports for artists and compile daily press clips
  • Search for new blogs, magazines and writers we can add to the database
  • Opportunity to draft press releases and pitches, with the potential of attending press interviews and tapings


The Marketing intern should be prepared to work in a fast-paced team environment and will gain broad experience in various aspects of the music industry, as well as participate in various stages of marketing campaigns for upcoming release. Candidate should have internet and social media proficiency and working knowledge of music platforms including SoundHound, SoundCloud, Shazam and Spotify.

Duties include: 

  • Work with the label team to understand the day-to-day life of a Product Manager
  • Assist our Product Managers in the distribution of marketing & promo materials
  • Learn how to create signage, one-sheet mock ups, B2B marketing tools 
  • Develop the skills to perform analysis of marketing and sales data
  • Prepare periodic project reports for artists on tour 
  • Seek and analyze competitor marketing and sales materials both on & offline 


The Sales department intern will learn about selling and merchandising all forms of music in retail environments, online, digital and physical. You are passionate about music and have interest in streaming, sales and analytics. Ability to organize and sort through marketing material to form documents. Proficiency in Microsoft Office programs.

Duties include:

  • Help track artist profile information, sales and stock
  • Determine compatible playlists and artists
  • Track negotiated sales prices and analyze weekly boosts in sales
  • Help track account sales charts, album and artist reviews
  • Compliance follow up and project maintenance in the retail environment
  • Gather screen shots of promotional placement


Internships in the Sync department require students who are interested in maximizing artists music’s exposure through licensing and synchronization. The ideal candidate has some knowledge of copyright law and has an eye & ear for matching audio with video. Tasks include:

  • Maintain music library for Management & Label clients
  • Research Songwriter/Publisher, copyright clearance info
  • Research film, trailers and commercials
  • Coordinate mailings/digital blasts, update website