Human Resources VP

February 1, 2018

Reports to: President & COO

Location: Los Angeles, California

Responsible for: Human Resources strategy, management and administration.

To Apply: Email your resume to


Position Summary

The VP, Human Resources facilitates the administration of Human Resources functions through strategic planning and best practices. Key elements of the role include advising the senior leadership team on the communication and rollout of corporate strategy and on how the company can continuously improve employee engagement and morale.  With a mandate across multiple jurisdictions and countries, the role will be responsible for understanding specific regulatory environments in each location and applying best practices to recruitment, retention, compensation and benefit planning. Must be comfortable working in a less structured environment where key and active stakeholders to the HR function include VPs of Marketing in major market offices, the VP Finance, the Director of Corp Strategy, the CEO and the Presidents of artist management, label and A&R.

Strategic Responsibilities

1.  Set strategies for fostering a positive company culture and work environment:

Develop an understanding of and assist in executing the company’s long-term strategies and goals
Assist teams/departments with recruitment, retention, coaching, training and development
Understand company culture and the interplay with individual office work environments. 
Provide ongoing guidance to senior leadership as to how to ensure a positive work environment across the organization that strives for continuous improvement.

2. Active and regular onsite engagement across all offices

Regular travel to office locations (currently, Vancouver, Los Angeles, London, Boston, New York, Hamburg)

3. Lead the direction and implementation of review and appraisal processes

Assist with teams’ development training/career development programs
Proactively identify areas for development or improvements

4. Create effective recruitment strategies that tie into company strategy and core values


  • At least seven (7) years in Human Resources with a career history that exemplifies HR leadership and strategic capabilities and experience.
  • Proficient computer skills including familiarity with common HR/payroll platforms
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to work effectively in a high-pressure, fast paced environment
  • Strong decision-making skills, including the ability to multi-task and make on-demand judgment calls, utilizing staff and internal / external resources
  • A “hands-on” leader – a sincere interest in people, process, and contributing to a true service organization
  • Exemplary leadership, coaching, team building, and management skills
  • Exceptional ability to positively influence and create rapport/credibility across all employee levels
  • Experience with International Human Resources practices


Information on Internships at Nettwerk

December 1, 2017

At Nettwerk, we love our interns and strive to give them the best possible learning experience during their time with us. We offer our students one-on-one guidance and a relaxed atmosphere.

What do we look for an intern? Glad you asked! We like students who ask questions beyond the “how” we do things and look for the “why” we do things in our company. We want applicants who are passionate about music, but who are also looking for a creative career that goes above, “I’m with the band.” We expect our interns to provide us with just as much feedback as we give them, so don’t be surprised if someone asks you, “What do you think of this song?” or “How are you using Twitter?”

Eligibility: A candidate must be enrolled in either a graduate or undergraduate program and be receiving credit for their internship. Please apply only if you meet the eligibility requirements.

General Information: Interns are expected to work 12 to 20 hours a week during an 8 to 14 week internship period. All interns are subject to the applicable Nettwerk employee rules, including the Mutual Right to Arbitrate Claims and the Confidentiality Agreement. Interns who choose to use their own computers for work during their internships agree to follow all IT policies, including the prohibition of downloading or bit-torrenting protected files while at the Nettwerk offices.

Application Procedures: Candidates must submit a cover letter and resume. In the cover letter, please include what you hope to gain out of your internship experience and why you are interested in the music industry.

The following departments each participate in our program (not every department is available at every office):

Artist Management:

Managing an Artist covers a wide range of duties, so students interning in the Management Department never know what the next day will bring! Duties may include updating social networking sites, helping to advance tours, creating travel itineraries and researching backline costs. Interns who spend time working within the Management department will see firsthand the organization and the drive it takes to create a career in music.


Nettwerk Records is looking for a qualified intern to join our label team. This intern should be prepared to work in a fast-paced team environment, and will finish the internship having gained broad experience in various aspects of the music industry as well as participate in various stages of marketing campaigns for upcoming releases. Tasks include help maintain the radio spins database and coordinate promotional mailings, learn how to create signage, one-sheet mock ups, B2B marketing tools, develop the skills to perform analysis of marketing and sales data, prepare periodic project reports for artists on tour, seek and analyze competitor marketing and sales materials both on and offline, and provide support to social media efforts.

Online Marketing:

Studying in our Online Marketing Department gives students a chance to get real world hands-on experience in the expanding social media industry. Work with an eclectic roster of artists and help develop their online presence through innovative marketing, contests and viral campaigns. Candidates in this department should have some elementary experience with grassroots marketing and be web-savvy. HTML, graphic design, and video editing experience a plus, but not required.

Sync Department:

Internships in the Sync Department at Nettwerk require students who are passionate about helping Artists maximize their music’s exposure through licensing and synchronization. The ideal candidate has a general knowledge of copyright law and music publishing as well as an eye and ear for matching audio with video. Tasks include maintaining the music library for all Management, Label and Publishing clients, coordinating mailings, researching trailers, films and commercials, along with copyright clearance information.

PR / Press / Publishing: New York

Internships in the PR / Press / Publishing Department at Nettwerk require students who are passionate about helping Artists maximize their music's exposure through press and publishing. You will help maintain press reports for all artists and compile daily press clips. You will be asked to search for new blogs, magazines, and writers that we can add to our database. Drafting press releases and pitches, along with the potential of attending press interviews and tapings, are a possibility. In addition, the ideal candidate has a general knowledge of copyright law and music publishing as well as an eye and ear for matching audio with video. Tasks include maintaining the music library for all Management, Label and Publishing clients, coordinating mailings, researching advertisements and commercials, along with copyright clearance information.

Submission: Please send all applications (resume and cover letter) to