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Wanting "Love Birds" Nissan Leaf

Along with her new song "Love Birds," Wanting brightens up this spot for the Nissan Leaf

BANNERS "Shine a Light" Pepsi

BANNERS' anthemic "Shine A Light" joins Serena Williams, Usain Bolt and Jerome Jarre in the Pepsi Challenge.

BOY "Hit My Heart" Apple Music Guided Tour

Learn more about Apple Music with the help of BOY's "Hit My Heart."

Hipjoint "Do It" (feat. Sherry St. Germain) T-Mobile

"Do It," a Hipjoint production with vocals from Sherry St. Germain gives this T-Mobile spot the energy it needs.

Karl Snyder "Sunday Clothes" Apple Retail Video

Karl Snyder's gorgeous "Sunday Clothes" scores this Apple piece detailing the opening of their newest store in Brussels.

Family of the Year "Hero" UBS

There's no better song to contemplate life's questions to than Family of the Year's "Hero."

BANNERS "Shine a Light" FIFA 16

Also featured in the in-game soundtrack, BANNERS' "Shine A Light" makes FIFA 16 come to life in this trailer.

Family of the Year "Make You Mine" TCM Summer Promo

Family of the Year's "Make You Mine" is a summer smash so it's no surprise TCM used it for their Summer Under the Stars promo.

Perfume Genius "Longpig" MTV Catfish

Perfume Genius' "Longpig" perfectly adds to the drama of MTV's Catfish.

Olafur Arnalds "The Journey" Suffragette

Olafur Arnald's "The Journey" is the perfect intro for the upcoming film, Suffragette.


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