Singer/songwriter Caleb Hearn shares “1200 sq ft” EP + the title-track music video via Nettwerk

May 12, 2023 BY Jason Currell

Nashville-via-North Carolina singer/songwriter Caleb Hearn reveals his new EP 1200 sq ft via NettwerkThe EP arrives alongside an emotionally driven music video for the title-track single.

Caleb Hearn is a rising star in the Gen-Z music scene, known for his introspective lyrics, powerful vocals, and unique blend of folk and indie pop. The 22-year-old artist belies his age penning tender tracks at the narrative crossroads of relationships, missed opportunities, and the lessons to be had from young love. However, with his latest offering, Caleb shifts gears and focuses on his family roots. His latest EP, 1200 sq ft, showcases his talents as both a singer and songwriter, with each track telling a poignant and personal story.

The EP title track “1200 sq ft” is a folk-pop endeavor as Caleb discusses a pivotal part of his childhood, reflecting on the home he grew up in, and the fond memories that were associated with it before his parents separated. The track has a beautiful soothing guitar line and layered piano chord progression with a build-up to a sing-along bridge, adding to Caleb’s touching ode to the cherished space that gave him so much comfort. Caleb collaborated with Marc Scibilia (Quinn XCII, Lennon Stella) as a producer and co-writer on the song and formed a special bond.

Caleb expresses this about his new project, “This EP really represents who I am as an artist, but even more so, who I am as an individual. I deeply feel that these songs cohesively represent that story — from my upbringing to the person I am today. I often find myself reflecting on past experiences that continue to impact my future. From my parents’ divorce to my grandparents’ significant role in my life, I have had a lot of life-altering experiences. The way I treat people with kindness and navigate my relationships today reflects this. ‘1200 sq ft,’ as the title track, is the summary of the EP. It’s about the first house I ever lived in, both the good and bad memories combined into a song that really lays it all out there. I love the sonic direction we took with this EP. Having an acoustic guitar at the forefront of every single song feels genuinely right for the message being told. I wanted an organic sound, real instruments, drums, piano, guitar, all of it. This was by far my favorite project to put together.”


Directed by Maya Sassoon, Caleb’s music video for “1200 sq ft” captures the singer’s childhood memories with stirring and nostalgic visuals. Caleb deeps dive into the creative process behind the “1200 sq ft” footage by noting, “We had a very specific vision for the ‘1200 sq ft’ music video. Since the song is completely based on my childhood home, it had to be perfect. It was difficult getting all the pieces together but thanks to our amazing director Maya Sassoon it worked out flawlessly. We found the perfect little house in the mountains of California. It had so much character and the layout were so like my childhood home in North Carolina. We found an actor last minute to play the younger me and he couldn’t have done it better. The raw emotion he was able to show really brought out the meaning in the song. One of my favorite parts of the video is the scene where the movers are coming in to take all the boxes and younger me is sitting in the middle watching it all go down. From the coloring to the camera angles, it really captures the love and heartbreak that house had on me. I couldn’t be prouder of a video.”

Released last month, “1 day you will” is an uplifting anthem alluding to the lessons we learn along the way. The acoustic track has a beautiful rhythmic guitar line and doubles vocals with rich harmonies, adding to Caleb’s touching message to his younger self, expertly produced by John-Luke Carter (p/k/a Mokita).

The track “1/2 as good as her” touches upon Caleb’s deep relationship he has with his grandmother and emphasizes the many experiences he had growing up. A song showcasing Caleb’s vulnerability, the song resonates with authentic, heartfelt, and relatable storytelling. The beautiful “1000 reasons” draws upon Caleb’s past experiences when embarking on a new romantic relationship and diving into the unknown terrain of young love. Released at the very end of 2022, the track has over 5M+ streams on Spotify alone.

Leading up to the release of his 1200 sq ft EP, Caleb had been on the road for the better half of April supporting Ron Pope and labelmate Lydia Luce. He returns to the tour for two shows in June, including a hometown show on June 3rd in Nashville at The CMA Theater. Tickets available here.

1200 sq ft EP is available on DSPs here:

Tour Dates:

w/ Ron Pope and Lydia Luce:

Friday, June 2 – Atlanta, GA @ Variety Playhouse

Saturday, June 3 – Nashville, TN @ The CMA Theater

1200 sq ft EP Tracklisting:

1. 1200 sq feet

2. 1 day you will

4. 1/2 as good as her

4. 1000 reasons

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