Caleb Hearn

Moving in a similar ebb and flow, Caleb Hearn’s songs play out like a story recounted to an old buddy or trusted confidant. The North Carolina-born and Nashville-based singer, songwriter, and artist imparts an intimate level of detail upon his music. Lyrics double as snapshots of unfiltered, candid conversations usually never meant to be shared on this scale—yet he shares them. This approach has cemented him as a rising phenomenon with nearly 100 million streams and 1.4M+ TikTok fans, as well as acclaim from the likes of American Songwriter and many others.Caleb emerged out of the tiny town (population: 10K) of Mount Airy, NC in 2020. He struck a chord with a devout audience on TikTok through his open-hearted honesty on the likes of the breakout “Always Be.” Meant to pay homage to a friend who tragically passed away, he re-upped the original as “Always Be 2.0” on DSPs, eclipsing 16.3 million Spotify streams and counting. On its heels, 2021’s “Brown Eyes, Brown Hair” maintained Caleb’s momentum with 17.8 million Spotify streams and growing. Plus, he collaborated with Jillian Rossi, Haywood, and Sad Alex, to name a few. Simultaneously, he incited the applause of Lyrical Lemonade, Mud, and EARMILK who praised “under the weather” [with Jillian Rossi] as “an important and affecting release.”Now, Caleb opens up more than ever on his 2022 We’re Getting Older EP via Nettwerk. “In all of these songs, it seems like I’m talking to somebody else,” he affirms. “When I’m recording at home, it’s even more personal. I try to put myself in the headspace of a song before I track it. I even talk out the lyrics, conversating them. To me, this EP feels like I’m singing to another person. It’s extremely honest.” In the lead up to We’re Getting Older, he endured a breakup, traded Mount Airy for Nashville, and stole away to Los Angeles to write. Along this journey, he has creatively and personally evolved and doesn’t intend for either to cease.