January 24, 2023 BY Jason Currell

Today 20-year-old vocalist, producer, and composer SCayos shares his newest LP, entitled Whatever Happens, Happens. The 12-track LP features collaborations with Souly Had, santpoort, Relyae and more, as well as two tracks with fellow Nettwerk artist PresenceWhatever Happens, Happens builds on SCayos’ October EP You, which received coverage from Lyrical Lemonade, Ones to Watch, Sparky WTF and more. 

Whatever Happens, Happens talks about the fragile journey of grief,” recounts SCayos. “Loss is experienced in so many ways and everyone copes very differently, but there are 5 main stages of it which I chose to express through the album: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance. Each track is my take on these stages, how I felt during the times of loss, and how I got through them.”

The LP represents a key building block for SCayos’ evolution as an artist, as the project sees him add his own vocals to his music for the first time.

“Using my voice in most of the songs has been very fruitful and a process of self-discovery that I’ve really enjoyed,” he shares. “I think as a producer and musician, it was the next step for…me to fully express what I wanted to say.”

Whatever Happens, Happens is available at all digital retailers here:

Album Artwork | Download HERE

Whatever Happens, Happens Tracklist
01. Marigold Sun (Intro) 
02. Here With You (with Presence)
03. Fireplace
04. Make Up (with Souly Had)
05. Walkaway (with Annie Elise)
06. In Your Nature (with elishéva)
07. Daylight (with Relyae & ROHO)
08. Waiting (with santpoort)
09. You
10. Pretty Lies (with Presence)
11. Under the Stars
12. A Love Poem (Outro)

Praise for SCayos

On “You” EP

“an eclectic marriage of approachable melody and otherworldly sonic intention” –The Wild is Calling Us

On “Walkaway” with Annie Elise

“If Alina Baraz made bedroom pop…” –Stereofox

On “Daylight” with Relyae & Roho

“a groovy ride on the emotional rollercoaster of a breakup” –Soulbounce