SCayos is a prolific lofi producer hailing from Mumbai, India. A former student at Boston’s Berklee College of Music, the young artist blends soothing and comforting beats with jazzy, hip-hop energy. The result is a listening experience perfect for reflection, adventure, and naps. Listening to SCayos will result in feeling more laid-back. More relaxed. More easy-going and calm. To press play is to engage in a series of lullabies for all ages, where any number of tracks are certain to take you far, far away.In 2021, SCayos released his debut full-length, Ethereal Nights. At 15 songs, the LP was released through Lofi Records and showcased an atmospheric palette of daydreaming beats. Vivid and lush wonders. Features included familiar names such as Barnes Blvd., frumhere, Phlocalyst, Strehlow, and more. Along with his debut, SCayos has also released numerous EPs and singles, both collaborative and solo. All of his tracks create a cohesive through-line that connect his projects, forming an expansive catalog that captures a vibe. Ambient and alive.Despite this outpouring of consistently quality music – and despite making beats since age 12 and having played piano since age 5 – SCayos is just getting started: his first release only dates back to 2019 and he’s ramping up for many more releases. Not only lofi beats but music that pushes boundaries and experiments with vocals. Full of inspiration and influences that range from Maurice Ravel to Kanye West, Daniel Caesar to Frank Ocean, you can expect much more from SCayos, including another full-length down the road and plenty of singles and collaborations along the way.