Rock Band The Haunt Makes A Loud Statement With New EP ‘Do Not Resuscitate’

April 5, 2024 BY Emma Orland

Today, Florida rock band The Haunt drops their edgy, heavy hitting new EP Do Not Resuscitate. The duo, comprised of siblings Anastasia Grace Haunt [vocals] and Maxamillion “Max” Haunt [vocals, guitar, production], are uninhibited, embracing vulnerability and a more mature sound on the new body of work. Listen HERE.

“We took more of a rock-forward approach on this EP,” Max notes. “We’ve fully stepped into this space. We’re bringing in our influences of industrial and pop, but we really aimed to write rock songs first and make them even more special. The songwriting has matured. We’re coming into exactly the world and style of music we wanted to make.”

The Haunt creatively lean on their own quiet lifelong bond, pushing to elevate each other to break down walls. “Our sibling mind-reading is a big factor in how we work together,” Max observes. “I can understand what Anastasia wants to communicate musically, because we’ve been living in the same house since she was born and creating music together since she was 11. There’s nothing like our connection.”

Do Not Resuscitate Tracklisting:

1. FML

2. Little Like Hell

3. I Don’t Like the Quiet

4. Damage

5. Morally Incompetent

6. On My Grave

At 12-years-old, Anastasia started to play gigs while collaborating with her brother. Together, they launched The Haunt in 2018. They gained traction with the fan favorite “Cigarettes & Feelings,” and again in 2021 with “Love You Better off Social Intercourse EP. Along the way, they shared stages with Palaye Royale, The Hu, The Struts, Filter, and more. 2023’s Dead On Arrival EP received praise from Substream stating how “the band is coming into their own and creating a safe space for their fans with their powerful messages.” Throughout 2023, they carefully assembled what would become Do Not Resuscitate.