Rising Singer-Songwriter Caleb Hearn Shares ‘Birthdays & Funerals’ EP

November 17, 2023 BY Bailey Vigliaturo

Rising Nashville-via-North Carolina singer-songwriter Caleb Hearn shares his new EP Birthdays & Funerals, a sonorous journey through love’s peaks and valleys, life’s unexpected hurdles, and the pursuit for a purpose greater than ourselves.

While Caleb ruminates on his past struggles, the Birthdays & Funerals EP is grounded in the present showcasing the man he’s becoming and the man he ultimately wants to be. The collection of songs thematically explores the depths of loving a partner, future parenthood, and understanding the choices and chances his own father took on the road of life.

After the release of his early 2023 EP 1200 sq ft, which was deeply rooted in stories about his childhood and upbringing, Caleb Hearn’s musical journey took a transformative turn as he joined forces with acclaimed producers David Hodges (Ed Sheeran, Pink, LANY) and Dan Swank (All Time Low). Hodges brought his creative prowess to the production, infusing a distinct and captivating sound. Swank contributed his songwriting finesse to the project, resulting in a synergy that perfectly captured the essence of the EP. Moreover, Caleb Hearn collaborated with Andrew Tufano (Ben Rector, MercyMe) and Marc Scibilia (Quinn XCII, Lennon Stella) to contribute the finishing touches.

Caleb Hearn shares this of his new EP,

“These songs are really special to me. This past year has been especially reflective. I’m getting older and hopefully wiser. For the first time, I’m musically taking stock of the last ten years of my life. I’m trying to dissect and explore some of the good and bad things that have happened. The EP is looking back, while being present in the moment.”

The EP’s title-track, “Birthdays & Funerals,” commences with a mesmerizing acoustic melody that threads itself throughout the composition, creating a textured backdrop for Caleb Hearn’s commanding storytelling and layered harmonies. It explores the idea of a partnership built not only on sharing life’s joyful moments but also on confronting life’s most challenging trials together. The track’s lyrical depth reflects Hearn’s experiences and remarkable growth as a songwriter, offering listeners an authentic look into the complexities of love, companionship, and vulnerability.

A clean guitar melody sets the tone for the tender track, “Dear Son or Daughter.” Lyrically, Caleb pens a heartfelt letter to his future children. “We kept the production stripped-down since the message is so clear. I had a conversation with my fiancée over coffee about how our eventual family is going to be. I’m thinking, ‘How do I want to raise children? How do I want to give them the life they deserve?’ ‘Dear Son or Daughter’ captures this,” shares Caleb. Laced with folk eloquence and amplified with pop appeal, “Dear Son of Daughter” has listeners thinking about the future memories they hope to create for themselves.

Then, there’s “How Did You Know?” Lithe finger-picking threads around important queries addressed to Caleb’s dad, “How did you know that it’s time to say you love her? How did you know when to pack up and start over?” Caleb’s inquisitive mind percolates throughout the heartfelt, folky track in his attempt to seek answers behind the sharp turns often displayed on the paths of life, love, and new beginnings.

Caleb will be back on the road at the end of the month with a few shows including a Nashville concert (his current hometown) and a date in North Carolina (where he’s originally from). For tickets, visit https://www.calebhearnmusic.com/tour.

“Birthdays & Funerals” EP is available on all DSPs here: https://calebhearn.ffm.to/birthdaysandfuneralsep

Tour Dates:

11/28 – Decatur, GA @ Eddie’s Attic

11/29 – Nashville, TN @ City Winery

12/1 – Carrboro, NC @ Cat’s Cradle Back Room

Birthday & Funerals EP Tracklisting:

Birthdays & Funerals

Dear Son or Daughter

How Did You Know?