Pop artist Rosie Darling shares “Nail In The Coffin” with Swedish alt-pop artist Boy In Space + Music Video

April 21, 2023 BY Jason Currell

Boston-born, LA-based pop artist Rosie Darling arrives with her new single “Nail In The Coffin ft. Boy In Space” via Nettwerk. Produced with collaborator Justin Gammella (FINNEAS, Ashe) & Freddy Häggstam (Chainsmokers, Bebe Rexha), mixed by Yianni AP (Alexander 23, Jeremy Zucker), “Nail In The Coffin” serves as an early glimpse into her debut LP later this year.

Rosie Darling teams up with Swedish alt-pop artist Boy In Space on the emotional track, which circles around a breakup without closure. “Nail In The Coffin” starts with Rosie laying the groundwork for the dialog that ensues with a simple piano line and a dreamy, reflective echo. Then we hear Boy In Space’s bright timbre relaying another perspective, ultimately together their vocals fuse with complimentary tones creating a chilling force.

Expanding on the song, Rosie says, “I wanted to write a song about a relationship ending on bad terms and needing to walk away from it even when you have unresolved conflict between each other. I think as someone who wants peace and resolution, it’s hard to fully leave something when you don’t feel like they’ve understood you or that you maybe didn’t understand them, and you have to end it in conflict with each other. That’s life sometimes though! We don’t always speak the same languages and sometimes we have to walk away and end things unresolved and that’s painful.”


Rosie had wanted to collaborate with Boy In Space for some time and the two struck up a good rapport across the world thanks to the internet: “I think we would have been waiting years for this to happen if we both weren’t willing to jump on a video chat and be a little vulnerable with each other. As for the video, it was interesting shooting our scenes remotely while I was in the desert near LA, and he was in Sweden. I think it helps tie the story nicely together showing the physical distance between two people when we’re singing about such intense emotions. We used a drone in the desert for some shots too which was so cool to show the grandness of the location. I also loved how in Sweden they had some shots in the snow to contrast the desert scenes. Overall, we were both able to show up and perform despite being so far from each other physically.”

The “Nail In The Coffin” music video was directed by award-winning director and photographer, Laura-Lynn Petrick (girl in red, Weyes Blood). Shot in the natural salt beds in Amboy, California as well as the vast landscape of Sweden, the video features stunning visuals of natural beauty and captures the raw emotions of the song, making it a perfect complement to Rosie Darling’s powerful vocals.

In March, Rosie Darling released her first track of 2023, “Lost On You.” The track is an extremely personal yet therapeutic song that attempts at finding solace in a painful heartbreak. Produced with Justin Gammella & Sweater Beats (Lizzo) and mixed by Yianni AP, the track builds from a simple piano line with Rosie doubling on clear vocals to a mantra-filled anthemic outro repeating “I have all this love, but it’s lost on you.” The serene music video was shot in Washington state showcasing Rosie reflectively playing the piano in the snowy forest in the Olympic mountains. The visuals follow her at night with a lantern as she looks out at the pacific coast and tries to heal from the messy aftermath of heartbreak.

“Nail In The Coffin ft. Boy In Space” is available on all DSPs here: 


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