Paige Valentine Announces Debut Album “Lucky Blue” Out February 2 2024; New Single “Navigate” Out Today

September 29, 2023 BY Emma Orland

Western Australian singer-songwriter Paige Valentine shares another deeply personal yet very relatable piece of songwriting on new single “Navigate”. Perfectly crafted for the warmer weather, her latest track is drenched in sonics that lean right into the electro-pop side of her artistry.

The single is taken from Paige’s forthcoming debut album, Lucky Blue, due out Friday 2 February 2023, via Nettwerk.

Loving without considering the consequences is a theme Paige explores across Lucky Blue, and it is where we find her on “Navigate” – as she explores the relationship between two people who are absolutely not right for each other but are united by some cosmic magnetism that is impossible to resist. The instrumentation may be soft and delicate – balancing bubbling, textural harps with a warped, pulsing melody – but the lyrics burn with urgency and frustration.


On the track, Paige explains, “’Navigate’ is about the phenomenon of someone only wanting someone or something when it’s gone. It’s about the magnetic force that makes toxic lovers so hard to separate, the push-pull dynamic, and internal agony of waiting for someone to stop being confused and ‘see the light’, see the good things. It’s also about the psychic feeling that the love interest has someone else, that there’s something in the way of the connection, or in the way of the relationship having a proper start. So navigating a space of trying to be carefree and understanding, but also being frustrated and exhausted, struggling with the power and force of the connection. It was about a guy who was always looking for greener grass while he had good things, and ultimately deciding to leave this unforgettable, powerful, magnetic, and chaotic chemistry to just be a memory.”


Paige’s love for the natural world is intrinsically linked to her divine sound, and you can hear it in every part of Lucky Blue, produced with Andy Lawson. Across its 10 tracks, Paige can trace the sonic line between the music she made in the city and the music she made in remote WA, in a town of 40 people, surrounded by unexplored wilderness and perched on the edge of the world.

Featuring recent singles, the uplifting indie-pop anthem “Cloud Dancing”, raw, slow-burner “Don’t Tell Her”, and “Navigate”, alongside a re-imagined version of her 2020 breakout single “Pure”, Lucky Blue is a sonic transformation – traversing Paige’s move from stability and comfort, of rebuilding and reshaping her life, of remembering the lightness of living, and of diving into isolation and thriving in the face of adversity. All of it started at a studio with a little blue door that had a horseshoe above it…




Cloud Dancing



Don’t Tell Her

Hung Up

Hung Up (Endless Summer Reprise)


Pure (Reimagined)


Songwriter Paige Valentine is one special artist.   

Thematically, her music arches across age-old artistic fascinations; love, death, growth, a loss of innocence, and the stark face of grief. She writes elegantly, cutting straight to the heart of matters with devastating concision.

With a clever approach to production and an aesthetic akin to Maggie Rogers and Kita Alexander, Paige has mastered the ability to encapsulate a moment, a feeling, a story within a delicate, heavenly arrangement — a work so beautiful, it’s impossible to resist.  

Paige’s 2020 singles, “Pure” and “Fool”– the former with more than 1.3 million streams – earned her support from triple j, NME Australia, Rolling Stone Australia, Pilerats, The Revue, Wolf In A Suit, Ear To The Ground, The Partae, and more, and saw her become a five-time WAM Award nominee and Vanda & Young International Song Competition finalist.

On the live stage, Paige Valentine has supported the likes of San Cisco, Fat Freddie’s Drop and Abbe May, and played festivals including Here Comes The Sun, Summer Fest, Cabin Fever. Later this year she will join DMAs, Chet Faker, Boy & Bear, and more at Fremantle’s Out Of The Woods Festival. 

Paige’s debut album Lucky Blue is nothing short of a triumph. It is thematically broad, representative of Paige’s massive growth as an artist and a human over the last few years. The record is a patchwork of reckonings and a triumph of personal growth.