Paige Valentine

Songwriter Paige Valentine is one special artist.Thematically, her music arches across age-old artistic fascinations; love, death, growth, a loss of innocence, the stark face of grief. She writes elegantly, cutting straight to the heart of matters with devastating concision. With a clever approach to production and aesthetic akin to Maggie Rogers and Kita Alexander, Paige’s most recent single Pure has reached over 1.3 million streams on Spotify alone and has repeatedly featured on multiple editorial DSP playlists. It’s a testament to her ability to encapsulate a moment, a feeling, a story within a delicate, heavenly arrangement — a work so beautiful, it’s impossible to resist.  Paige’s debut album Lucky Blue is nothing short of a triumph. Produced with Dylan Ollivierre, one of the standout tracks is lead single Cloud Dancing. This breathtaking song tackles death, grief and loss head-on, bravely surmising how to continue living when a loved one has passed on. Lucky Blue is thematically broad, representative of Paige’s massive growth as an artist and a human over the last few years. The record is a patchwork of reckonings, made during a very solitary time over the COVID lockdowns.