MISSISSIPPI LYRICAL LOFI ARTIST/PRODUCER Laeland Shares New Single “Dumb Luck” Featuring Snøw & Skinny Atlas

October 14, 2022 BY Jason Currell

Nettwerk Records is thrilled to announce the signing of Mississippi-based rapper/singer/producer Laeland. Some may be surprised to find out that Laeland is an acronym, standing for “Let’s All Embrace Life And Never Die.” 

Born Bradley Davis, Laeland quietly began making music in his bedroom during his junior year of high school. Early on into his musical journey, he joined up with Snøw and fellow Nettwerk signee Skinny Atlas to form the Stay Inside collective. Working with Snøw and Atlas helped him develop his current sound, where he melodically sings and raps in a gentle tone over lo-fi hip-hop production.

Today, Laeland releases the melancholy single “Dumb Luck” via Nettwerk, featuring none other than Snøw and Skinny Atlas. It’s no surprise, then, that Laeland & Snøw’s emotional vocal layering and grand harmonies feel right at home over Atlas’s vulnerable lofi production full of longing guitar riffs and uplifting drum lines. 

“Dumb Luck is motivated by a common theme in my music surrounding the ins and outs of a relationship that isn’t very healthy,” shares Laeland. “It’s hard to imagine yourself in a situation where you enjoy a romantic encounter after constant fighting, but sometimes you blink and that’s exactly the situation you find yourself in. The song reflects those very toxic relationships. I wrote the hook back in 2020 while hanging out in a discord voice chat with Skinny Atlas. He loved the idea, so we sent musical ideas back and forth expanding on it. Eventually, we had to bring in one of my all time favorite artists to work with, Snøw.”

”Dumb Luck” is available at digital retailers here: https://laeland.ffm.to/dumb-luck

Single Artwork | Download HERE:

Laeland Bio

Laeland (Let’s All Embrace Life And Never Die) is a Lofi musician and songwriter from Mississippi. The acronym not only serves as the combination of letters that make up the name Laeland but also as a lifestyle. 

Born Bradley Davis, Laeland first got into music in 2015 as a performer in his high school show choir. Laeland began making his own music in his bedroom during his junior year of high school,  where he found solace in the world of lo-fi. He would go on to form the Stay Inside Collective with Snøw and fellow Nettwerk Music Group signee Skinny Atlas. Years of friendship and music-making ushered them to create emotionally driven songs such as “I’m inlove but…” and “Summer Nights.”

Laeland’s catalog has accumulated over 50 million streams across platforms—and 2021 was his most successful year as an artist yet. He picked up 15.2 million streams, landed on Spotify editorial playlists such as tear drop and Alternative R&B and secured a sync placement on an episode of “Teen Mom 2” for single “Traveling Alone.”

Laeland wants his music to empower those who hold themselves back from pursuing their dreams and aspirations. Listeners all across the world have used Laeland’s music as a catalyst for self-help, and have felt emboldened to share their personal stories of heartbreak in the comments section of his videos.

As a recent signee of Nettwerk Music Group, Laeland looks forward to continuing traveling the country, writing songs, and performing with his friends, all while keeping primary ownership of his music. He hopes to one day direct musicals and show choirs.