Skinny Atlas

Skinny Atlas instrumentals frequently tap into that vulnerable lofi sound. Chill late night beats, stripped-down tracks with crackling kicks. The talented musician often works with vocalists who add an even greater level of emotional depth and raw tenderness to the songs. Self-described as a "nowhere kid from a nowhere town," the New York-based artist has been prolific in his collaborations with vocalists and fellow producers. The results are often heartbreaking and confessional when working with singers and rappers like Powfu, Laeland, Snøw, dhan, Jomie, and cøzybøy. Reflective, somber, and honest – the tracks are meant to be played late at night for those who can’t sleep, those awake at four in the morning when the storm is pouring in, and the rest of the world is dreaming. Providing a vast expanse of sound possibilities that range from stripped-down lofi to more atmospheric future beats, every backdrop Skinny Atlas offers is to be enjoyed with headphones, in isolation, alongside time spent inside your head. Wipe your eyes, open your journal, go for a walk, stay up way past your bedtime, and vibe to the world-building landscapes of Skinny Atlas.