Folk Singer-Songwriter/Producer Ira Wolf Shares “Monster” from Forthcoming Album, out 10/13

September 1, 2023 BY Jason Currell

Today Ira Wolf, the Montana-born, Nashville-based, and renown van traveler singer, songwriter, and producer is excited to share the third single from her emotionally charged upcoming album Rock Bottom out October 13th called, “Monster.” Ira processes life’s ups and downs and alchemizes them into fascinating folk with alternative experimentation and unassuming pop appeal. Using comfort, vulnerability, adventure, heartbreak, and authentic connections within her music, we see her sonically echo a sense of nomadic freedom, while it lyrically channels the intimacy of her own little world. Showcasing this style of songwriting immediately from the jump, “Monster” is a nod to knowing the reality of a person’s dark side that’s been hidden from others. Ira bares her teeth as she proclaims, “I wish you were the person your mother thinks you are, but I have witnessed every version. I know the depth of your dark.

“It felt like sharing a secret I’d been protecting…..I’d been trying to preserve someone else’s image and I was tired of keeping the secret,” shares Ira. Monster” is available on social platforms here.


Ira’s upcoming record, Rock Bottom details love, loss, and heartbreak at its fullest power. This collection of songs earmark Ira’s journey to the other side. Rock Bottom was initially teased with the emotionally biting “Find Less,” the airy, dreamy, and electric “The Boat” featuring swooning vocals, and the title track, “Rock Bottom.”  The songs came to be through a collaborative process with Ira’s close friend and producer, Kevin Harper. By reaching Rock Bottom, Ira emerges stronger than ever and makes her brightest statement.

“I put a lot of time into returning to who I was before the relationship, but I’ve had to accept that’s just not who I’ll ever be again,” shares Ira. “I’ve learned a lot of lessons. A lot has changed in the world. Going back to this simpler version of myself isn’t a reality. I’m craving community and finding my home. I want to remain undefined right now and explore new spaces and ways of thinking about the world. I’m allowing myself to grow into whatever comes my way.”

Photo Credit: Kendall Rock | Download here