Ira Wolf

Life prepares us for the future. We absorb the bumps in the road, learn from them, and overcome them a little wiser the next time around. Ira Wolf, a Nashville-based singer, songwriter, and producer processes life’s ups and downs and alchemizes them into fascinating folk with alternative experimentation and unassuming pop appeal. Much like how she travels the world in her trusty van, the music sonically echoes a sense of nomadic freedom, while it lyrically channels the intimacy of her own little world. After amassing over 100 million streams and attracting widespread acclaim, she uncovers light in dark spaces on her fourth full-length offering, Rock Bottom [Nettwerk Music Group].Ira grew up in rural Montana “on 20 acres out in the middle of the woods with horses, goats, pigs, and dogs.” As a kid, she fell in love with music while sitting at the piano with her grandfather. She initially pursued opera at University of Montana in Missoula before transferring to Berklee College of Music and, subsequently, dropping out and relocating to Nashville. She consistently captivated listeners with albums such as Fickle Heart , Honest, and The Closest Thing To Home. “Sunscreen” reeled in 44 million Spotify streams followed by “Great Divide” with 14 million Spotify streams. Living out of various vehicles, she canvased the globe and managed to grace stages on six continents. After the Pandemic, the breakup, and a whirlwind journey, she decamped to Nashville, TN in early 2022 where she recorded Rock Bottom accompanied by a group of friends and collaborators, including producer/engineer, Kevin Harper. By reaching Rock Bottom, Ira emerges stronger than ever and makes her brightest statement.