Dream-pop/Madrid-based artist april june shares new single/video “baby’s out of luck again” + announces EP

February 16, 2024 BY Bailey Vigliaturo

Madrid-based artist april june ’s intoxicating soundscape wavers between the lines of dark, dense, and gleaming with the allure of eternal twilight. Her songs travel down melodic avenues with pensive vocals, moody hues, and a fascination with nostalgia driven by ‘80s and ‘90s pop culture. The music captures the onslaught of young-adult emotion by drawing folks to the narrative explorations of love, passion, desire, intimacy, and its many complicated facets. With a strong emotional connection to put on display, april june’s collection of songs possesses the ability for listeners to escape the confines of reality and find their own way to self-discovery.

Today, april june announces her sophomore EP baby’s out of luck again out August 2nd via Nettwerk. Accompanying the announcement is the title-track single and its stunning music video directed by Marco Braia . With “baby’s out of luck again,” she paints an enchanting musical canvas reminiscent of cinematic landscapes from the ’70s. Inspired by Stevie Nicks’ arpeggiated acoustic guitars akin to “Blue Denim” and Lana Del Rey’s nostalgia in “Blue Banisters,” the track echoes the reflective melancholy found in Eric Roemer’s films like 1969’s “My Night At Maud’s” and 1982’s “Le Beau Mariage.” Celebrated for her romantically nostalgic soundscapes, april june weaves reflective melodies that beautifully intertwine vintage glamour with contemporary sentiments, offering a heartfelt glimpse into bygone eras.

april june goes into greater detail about her single with this, “Immersed in a year-long binge of ‘The Sopranos,’ I find the show to be a profound exploration of human psychology, subconsciousness, and cultural symbolism. One particular episode, where Tony engages in peyote-fueled gambling in Las Vegas, particularly stands out. The series, with its intricate layers, serves as a universal encyclopedia. Reflecting on a Reddit quote about the roulette wheel’s symbolic nature, it sparks contemplation on life’s unpredictability. This insight challenges the notion of ‘making your own luck,’ urging acceptance of fate and embracing the inevitable. It prompts introspection on the attraction to detrimental relationships, questioning if behavioral patterns are a metaphor for destiny. The cosmic order is pondered, wondering if repeating patterns aligns with universal design. The connection between individuals, like a Sagi and Virgo, raises questions about destiny’s role in their meeting.”


Regarding the music video, april june divulges, “Before anything, I had a vague feeling I wanted to be on some sort of stage in the video: my primary idea was that I wanted to be a performer at a dusty local bar, somewhere in Madrid (we ended up shooting the video in Turin). Performing can be terrifying, but performing in front of people who are not there to listen to you, but to partake in normal bar activities is gut-wrenching. I wanted to explore that space between the anxious performer and a negative crowd. I had visions of frowns and booing, and tomatoes being thrown. I really wanted to explore that feeling of desperation you get when you can’t get people to love you, no matter how hard you try. Then Marco, our director, suggested we change the bar setting to an empty theatre, and my mind got fixated on that one scene from ‘Mulholland Drive’ where Rebekah del Rio sings ‘Llorando’ (a Spanish version of Roy Orbison’s ‘Crying’). We took it from there.”

“baby’s out of luck again” follows January’s single, “sweeter than drugs.” The track was inspired by films like “True Romance,” “Virgin Suicides,” “Wild at Heart” and influenced by the subject of adolescent all-consuming love, volcanic eruption of passion, intense desire, dependency on a strong masculine figure, and the defiance against the mainstream idea of ‘all-or-nothing’ love being toxic.

“baby’s out of luck again” is available at all digital retailers here: https://apriljune.ffm.to/babysoutofluckagain

baby’s out of luck again EP Tracklisting:

1. baby’s out of luck again

2. starstruck

3. it’s all my fault

4. emotional problems

5. pretty like a rockstar

6. sweeter than drugs

7. carry you on my broken wings

8. outro

Single Artwork | Download HERE