april june

april june, the Russian singer/songwriter renowned for her romantically melancholic melodies, crafts nostalgic alternative music that resonates with those who love as deeply as they mourn. Through her music, april june weaves tales of gloom and longing, transforming the essence of any season into a melodic daydream. With influences such as Lana Del Rey, girl in red, and The Marías, april june’s main themes revolve around feelings of atomization, confusion, nostalgia, relationships, and uncertainty.april june effortlessly finds her way onto editorial playlists and lo-fi mixes, captivating listeners with the emotional gravity of her music. The 2022 Yot Club-assisted single “Stuck On You” has garnered over fourteen million Spotify streams, closely followed by tracks like “biking to your house” and “summer bruises.” Her music offers solace to the lonely and speaks to those navigating the treacherous terrain of heartbreak and the exhilarating throes of new romance. While april june has released singles following her 2020 EP feelings on the internet, fans are eagerly anticipating her next project that is slated for summer 2024.