Canadian Alt-RnB Artist kerri Shares Cinematic HURTING EP

May 30, 2023 BY Jason Currell

Today. Montreal-based vocalist/producer kerri shares his new EP HURTING. The six-track EP is the young singer/songwriter’s second of 2023, following the February release of BUNNYHUG.

“This EP,” shares kerri, “is a powerful reminder to learn from the pain you’ve experienced, not dwell in it. It paints the picture of someone afraid of the world and angry at themselves who learns over the course of these songs to have faith.” 

“Although most of the songs are uplifting,” he continues, “the stunning closer is one last look back at the loneliest corner of someone’s mind before choosing a life of clarity. Each song on the project was made in intimate spaces, from a cafe in Toronto to my own bedroom, with people I trust.”

The EP’s focus track is the calming guitar-driven “Never Look Back!”

“In the past,” shares kerri about the track, “I’ve struggled with moving on from a comfortable grief in my own life and this song is about finally making those choices. It’s a reminder to learn from the pain you’ve experienced.”

2023 is shaping up to be the biggest of kerri’s career as he gears up to release his first album in two years. His 2021 track “us/faces” (HERE) recently received a sync placement on S2E9 of Peacock’s Bel Air, while “fourdoors” (with M1RZA – HERE) landed Spotify’s New Music Friday: Canada (342K likes).

HURTING is available at digital retailers here:

courtesy of Alvin ThorsenKorney Violin & Ben Bursell | Download HERE

HURTING Tracklist

01. Untitled

02. Dead End (with Imagiro & Afternoon Bike Ride)

03. Never Look Back!

04. Cinnamon Tips

05. Shadow