Hailing from the prairies of Canada, Saskatchewan-born, Montréal-based producer and singer/songwriter kerri first found his interest in music at a young age – a fateful Google search to understand how Skrillex songs were made quickly led to ignoring schoolwork to find the best way to make beats in Ableton. By age seventeen, kerri knew that music was a passion he couldn’t ignore and dove head-first into his soon-to-be artist project, forgoing college and releasing his first single instead (2017’s "my boo," a stripped-down version of the RnB club banger by Ghost Town DJs). With the addition of lyricism to his lofi style beats, kerri’s melancholy R&B vocal performances add yet another layer to his complex yet personal self-described "astronaut music," that features a distinct moody and otherworldly soundscape. Upcoming album Finish What You Started (September 29) sees kerri at his most exposed state. Created after he found himself in an all too familiar moment— twenty-one and wondering who to become and where to go from here— kerri knew that he couldn’t waste any more of his time being consumed by what was out of his control. Now 24, he’s been finding comfort in a more bare-bones approach to both his emotions and his music: “I’ve definitely gotten more mature as a writer and believe in myself more. I used to be so focused on putting everything possible into a beat, but now I’m riding more of a back-to-the-basics mentality.”Finish What You Started is raw, hard-hitting, and entirely sincere – all neatly layered between the breezy synth lines and bold instrumentation that has defined kerri’s music since the beginning.