March 10, 2023 BY Jason Currell

March 10, 2022 – Alternative singer-songwriter Gert Taberner unearths life’s most formative experiences and feelings under a glow of eloquent songcraft, unfiltered lyricism, robust instrumentation, and cinematic production. After generating tens of millions of streams, the Frankfurt-born and Vancouver-based singer, songwriter, and producer chronicles an often-unbelievable season of life on his 2022 EP, As Good As You Thought We Might Be, out now via Nettwerk.

Life took a series of unexpected twists and turns. His father passed away from lung cancer in May 2020. A year later, his mother also faced a terminal cancer diagnosis, but Gert promised: “not to miss chemo treatments or anything.” Alongside his sister, he devoted himself entirely to his mom’s care 24/7 until she, unfortunately, succumbed to the disease in 2022. As Good As You Thought We Might Be is a culmination of these tragic life experiences crafted into a beautiful, raw piece of work that really makes you think about life.

Gert describes the EP, “I spent a long time over the last few years feeling like writing songs was something I used to do. I’d been going through the motions for a long time and hadn’t written a song in two years until a few months before my father died. That was when I started writing what would become this EP.  I was writing more autobiographically than I was used to and taking stock of my life that way was highly cathartic on one hand, but also new and scary after so much time away from writing.

He continues, “Fast forward to today and I’m proud of what this collection of songs has become, a twenty-somethings’ self-exploration on loss and what it can look like to be afraid of it, to live with it and be consumed by it, and lastly, to hopefully make peace with it.

Gert turns the page on this chapter with the lead single “Hannah.” A lilting vocal line gives way to a steady beat and melodic guitar riff. Picking up the pace, it runs towards a raw and reflective refrain. Then, there’s the tearful climax of “Creator.” On the track, icy piano sets the tone as his words cut deep. The upbeat “Rhythms” glides on airy guitar towards a stark realization underpinned by a head-nodding hook.  “Life” examines the “fear of  someone so close to you not doing well and knowing there’s little you can do…about attempting to reach out anyway.” He pulls the title As Good As You Thought We Might Be from a lyric on “Functional” where his unbridled vocal delivery seesaws on top of delicate guitar.

Gert’s vulnerability and ability to connect through music about life’s most tragic experiences provides a calming sense of comfort. In the end, his honesty might just bring you a sense of peace.