Gert Taberner

Gert Taberner unearths life’s most formative experiences and feelings under a glow of eloquent songcraft, unfiltered lyricism, robust instrumentation, and cinematic production. After generating tens of millions of streams with his debut Fallen EP in 2016, the Frankfurt-born and Vancouver-based singer, songwriter, and producer chronicles an often-unbelievable season of life on his 2022 EP, As Good As You Thought We Might Be [Nettwerk Music Group], speaking straight from the heart.Life took a series of unexpected twists and turns. His father passed away from lung cancer in May 2020. A year later, his mother faced a terminal cancer diagnosis as well, but Gert promised “not to miss chemo treatments or anything.” Alongside his sister, he devoted himself entirely to mom’s care 24/7 until she unfortunately succumbed to the disease in 2022.“The process behind this record was hard, but it was really soothing,” he concludes. “It’s traumatically dark, but there’s also a certain lightness to accepting that things are out of your control. I’m trying to create a space for reflection. I just hope you know I was being as honest as I could be.”