Aisha Badru Shares First Taste of Sophomore Album With New Single “Life To Live”

March 22, 2024 BY Emma Orland

Today, singer/songwriter Aisha Badru teases her upcoming sophomore full-length album with new single, “Life To Live,” which welcomes the listener with bright acoustic guitar as Aisha’s soothing vocals remind us to slow down while she asks, “What does your heart want? / What are you afraid of?” Listen to “Life To Live” here:

Aisha says, “’Life To Live’ is a call for freedom and exploration. This song celebrates living life on your own terms, rejecting societal pressures, and embracing the journey of self-discovery.”

The song is an immediate reminder of why media and fans alike have deemed Aisha a “musical therapist.” When she first started making music, Aisha was thoughtful but also shy and hesitant. Her acclaimed debut album Pendulum (2018) was a melancholic, sometimes fiery, musing on life’s highs and lows. With each EP release since then, this empath has been lovelorn, torn, and reborn. Today, Aisha still presents herself as introspective and understated, but what has changed is that she tries to do everything with purpose. This, she chalks up to music’s life-changing impact on her, or “rewiring my mind,” as she likes to put it.

Much of her magic lies in alchemy — distilling an often-tangled human experience into simple truths, quieting the cacophony to pave a path towards introspection. Her last EP, 2023’s Learning To Love Again, saw the soulful artist explore the intersection between romantic entanglements and self-care. Her work is at once powerful and beautiful, and “Life To Live” is no exception.   

Stay tuned for more music and news from Aisha Badru.

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