Aisha Badru

Her latest, The Way Back Home (out December 3, 2021, via Nettwerk), her third EP, is the sonic equivalent of a comforting hug. It feels like an antidote to her sweetly melancholic debut, Pendulum. Aisha’s humanistic confessionals have won more than 100M+ streams, a fanbase in Europe, and the praise of publications such as NPR, who celebrated "Rebirth" as "extraordinary." Lead single and album title track,The Way Back Homehas earned acclaim spanning Apple Music Country, The Bluegrass Situation, and many more.  She showcased her spiritual side with a special live performance at The Big Quiet with Deepak ChopraPerhaps the most resonant theme threaded throughout The Way Back Home is the overwhelming sense that this second life of Aisha has only just begun.