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Shaznay Lewis

Shaznay Lewis was a member of the popular girl group All Saints (1996-2001 and 2006-2009). Her musical influences include rap and Missy Elliott; in addition, she grew up listening to Bob Marley and Johnny Mathis. As a teenager Lewis played three matches for Arsenal Ladies, a successful ladies' football team in London, UK. She returned to football in the 2002 hit movie Bend It Like Beckham in the role of the team captain and can be seen playing football in several training and match scenes.

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Your Favourite Music

Your Favourite Music is a small record label/production company in Norway with one studio in Oslo and two in Bergen. We are 3 producers and a small administration. Currently working with Kine, The Alexandria Quartet, Heine Totland, Hummingbird, We Don`t Have To Go and Susanne Sundfør.


Sam Bisbee

After weathering a frustrating period of development deals, demos, and one forgotten album (1996's Snacks, released by Plump Records) during the '90s, indie rock singer/songwriter Sam Bisbee took things into his own hands. Gathering together talented players such as Charlie Drayton (the B-52's, Keith Richards), Peter Adams (Tracy Bonham, Juliana Hatfield), and guitarist/recording artist John Wolfington, Bisbee headed into Philip Glass' Looking Glass studios to make his own album his own way. The result was Bisbee's reemergence with 2001's Vehicle, a concoction of tuneful guitar pop, drum loops, samples and Bisbee's winsome, smart song craft. The effort featured guest vocals by Leona Naess on the driving opener, "Miracle Car." Following the release of a concert album, live at Arlene Grocery, in 2002, Bisbee launched a pattern in which new material appeared every two years: High in 2004, Oxygen in 2006, and Son of a Math Teacher in 2008. ~Erik Hage, Rovi


Peter Wright

It’s been over twenty years since Peter Wright wrote his first song and the highly acclaimed British composer is showing no signs of slowing down. Growing up to the sounds of the Beatles and Motown, it’s safe to say there was no shortage of musical inspiration for a young Londoner in the late 60’s early 70’s. “I wanted to emulate the great songwriters of that era,” reflects Peter, “Lennon and McCartney, Bacharach and David, Brian Wilson, Holland Dozier Holland and Smokey Robinson”.


Greig Nori

Canadian musician/producer/songwriter Greig Nori was already basking in the knowledge that Hedley's new album, Famous Last Words had its first two singles, "For The Nights I Can't Remember" and "Never Too Late" - both of which were co-written by Nori - go to 1 on Canadian radio. Nori also produced the whole album. But on June 15th, Nori shared the band's excitement at the MuchMusic Video Awards as Hedley won four out of six of the categories in which they were nominated, making them the leader at this year's awards. Nori's songwriting and producing prowess helped them earn Best Video, Best Cinematography and Best Director for "For the Nights I Can't Remember," and a MuchLOUD award for Best Rock Video for "She's So Sorry."


John Spinks

Ironically, given their obsession with America's favorite pastime, the Outfield got their start in London's East End. Playing under the name the Baseball Boys, the trio of bassist/singer Tony Lewis, guitarist/keyboardist John Spinks, and drummer Alan Jackman played around London and recorded some early demos, attracting the attention of Columbia/CBS Records. They were signed shortly thereafter and began working on their debut album, Play Deep, which was released in 1985. The album was a smash success, going triple platinum, reaching number nine on the album charts, and producing their biggest song, "Your Love," which was a Top Ten hit. To support the album, they launched an international tour opening for Journey and Starship. They began recording their second album in 1986 and in 1987 issued Bangin'.


Fredrik "Fredro" Ödesjö

Fredrik Odesjo, known professionally as Fredro, is a dynamic producer/songwriter from Sweden. He grew up appreciating rock, reggae, r&b, soul, and hip-hop. However, once he discovered the world of pop music, the stage was set. Armed with his talents and relentless ambition he became one of thee most sought after producers in Sweden. Murlyn Music Group didn't let this rising producer pass them by. Fredro signed worldwide deals with Murlyn Songs Publishing and Murlyn Music Production. He was right at home among his peers, which included the likes of Bloodshy & Avant, Bag and Arnthor. The company sparked and immediately had the music industry buzzing from the U.S to the U.K.

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