Chris Sernel

Chris Sernel started out as the front-man for the Chicago-based band Escape from Earth, who toured with such artists as Switchfoot, Breaking Benjamin, and Disturbed, among others. As his band started to wind down, Chris began to focus more on pop and alternative leaning projects and launched a new artist called Oh, Hush!. The project quickly took off with the radio success of their single “Going Down In Style.”  

After multiple conversations and offers from major labels, Chris ultimately decided that songwriting and production was his future, and Oh, Hush!--the writer/producer--was born. As his career developed, Oh, Hush! worked with artists such as Jennifer Lopez, Cee Lo Green, and Jason Derulo, cementing him as a “go-to” producer in the pop world.  With a bit of renewed focus on his personal artistry, Oh, Hush! landed his songs in the ending credits of LEGO Batman and LEGO Ninjago. Then, in 2018, he scored a cut with Weezer’s single Happy Hour, which became a top 10 song at alternative radio. It didn’t take long for the film and TV world to take notice, and Oh, Hush! became the behind-the-scenes guy for brands such as Dunkin Donuts, Wal-Mart, Nutella and many others.