Woodlock Shares Debut Album ‘The Future Of An End’ (Out Now)       

March 2, 2021 BY Nettwerk

The alt-folk trio of Woodlock – brothers Zech Walters (guitar/vocals), Eze Walters (guitar/vocals), and Bowen Purcell (drums) – release their full-length debut album The Future Of An End (out now via Nettwerk Records).

The album – a dynamic mix of organic, acoustic elements and electronic flourishes – is the most frank of Woodlock’s career. While not following a chronological timeline, much of what follows The Future Of An Endis Zech dealing with the emotional fallout from his breakdown. The album starts with one of its bleakest yet most captivating moments in “The Watchmaker,” a solemn, brooding song written about one of Zech’s lowest moments. Speaking with Glide Magazine, Zech says, “it’s a strange thing to write about your attempt on your life. It’s another matter entirely to release it to the world; it’s like having your confessional booth on a podcast. In a sense, it’s scary, but in another, I think it’s honesty that is needed. We’ve become too ok with pretending life is perfect when it isn’t. It took me being brutally honest with myself to begin the process of coming out of it.”

Adding to their emotional complexity of the album, just as Zech’s relationship was falling apart, Eze had fallen in love and was getting married. “…when you listen to the album, it’s like a clash of two realities.” Speaking with VENTS Magazine, Eze adds, “the future holds so much potential because it’s unknown, and that sense of adventure in the unknown is the spark you need for hope and happiness.”

The album is indicative of the bond that began when the three traveled around Australia busking before eventually settling in Melbourne. The band recorded the album in Bowen’s garage and Homesurgery Recordings in Melbourne, alongside producers Hayden Calnin (Didirri, Harrison Storm, and a Nettwerk solo artist in his own right) and Jackson Barclay (Vera Blue, Winterbourne, Timberwolf).

To celebrate the release, the band have announced an album launch show for Friday, March 12th at Northcote Social Club in their hometown of Melbourne. For more information, please visit www.woodlock.com.au.

To order the album, click HERE: https://woodlock.ffm.to/thefutureofanend.

‘The Future Of An End’ Track List:

  1. Watchmaker
  2. Feel It Coming
  3. The Future of an End
  4. Settle Down
  5. Start Again
  6. I Think I Know
  7. Only Human
  8. Collateral
  9. Idol (My Old Friend)
  10. Normal
  11. Superhero
  12. In Your Mother’s Arm
  13. Friends