Woodlock Announces New EP ‘Bermuda Sea’ out 8/5; The Trio Share an Awe-Inspiring Track, “Quick Hands”

May 13, 2022 BY Jason Currell

The New Zealand-born alt-folk trio known as Woodlock, featuring brothers Zech Walters (guitar/vocals), Eze Walters (guitar/vocals), and friend Bowen Purcell (drums), are constantly in search of adventure. After moving to Australia, the three traveled around the country busking before eventually settling in Melbourne. Now established, the trio share the exciting news of their new EP Bermuda Seaset for release on August 5, 2022 via Nettwerk. Along with the announcement, the group shares an introspective awe-inspiring ode to being grateful for life and the adventures that come with it titled “Quick Hands.” Written over two years, “Quick-Hands” was created in real-time while Eze Walters of Woodlock was at home with his wife listening to her sing along to James Taylor in the other room. Bermuda Sea will feature “Quick Hands” and the previously released single “We Gotta Go.”


Eze Walters shares, “I was in the lounge playing guitar while I could hear my wife in the kitchen singing to James Taylor. I was feeling super grateful for my life and my partner and it spilled into a song idea really quickly, I grabbed my phone and recorded the idea and it stayed in there as I couldn’t figure out how to write verses to finish it. Fast forward 2 years and we have a little boy named Finn and life has taken a wild turn with COVID, I’ve been working in the building industry to provide for my family and was feeling down that there are parts of my son Finn’s life I don’t sometimes get to see being at work or being tired when I got home, I had to do a reset on my mind with how I was thinking about work and how easy it is to focus on things we can miss out on, the chorus I wrote from 2 years before reminded me that life is amazing and it’s just a matter a perspective and reminding myself of things I have to be grateful for.”

Zech Walters shares on the video, “We were out family camping in Cheshunt (Australia) it’s such a peaceful and beautiful place. We love to film little family videos out there. Eze had the idea to film quick hands and for artistic sake, he laid in -3 water and was convulsing by the end of filming. But I think we can all agree that he did a wicked job!”

(Photo Credit Michelle Grace Hunder: Download HERE)