Woodlock Announces Album Details; Listen To Latest Single “Settle Down”

November 13, 2020 BY Nettwerk


The alt-folk trio of Woodlock – brothers Zech Walters (guitar/vocals), Eze Walters (guitar/vocals), and Bowen Purcell (drums) – will release their full-length album The Future Of An End on February 26, 2021 via Nettwerk Records. As part of the announcement, the band shares the new single “Settle Down.”

Like the recently released Collateral EP, the album is a breathtakingly candid collection of songs about trauma, hope, and resilience.

While not following a chronological timeline, much of what follows The Future Of An End is Zech dealing with the emotional fallout from his breakdown. The album starts with one of its bleakest yet most captivating moments in “Watchmaker” and ends with “Friends,” a song that Zech calls “my hats off to people around me that stuck by my side.” It’s an emotional end to an intensely personal yet ultimately uplifting and relatable album.

As Zech’s world crumbled around him, he found solace in Bowen’s garage, where he spent three months pouring his heart into writing music. Throughout, his bandmate would tend to him with tea and, Zech laughs, “stupid amounts of alcohol.” What emerged from Bowen’s garage was the bones to 70 or 80 new songs.

The album is indicative of the bond that began when the three traveled around Australia busking before eventually settling in Melbourne. That same bond saw bandmates put friendship before career by pausing their tour to help and support Zech. At that time, Woodlock’s international profile was growing, having just completed tours of the Philippines, China, and Canada off the back of 2016’s “Something Broke That Day” single. Meanwhile, the title track of 2015’s Sirens EP had reached iTunes Top 50 charts and Top 10 spots on Spotify’s viral charts globally.

Adding to their emotional complexity of the album, just as Zech’s relationship was falling apart, Eze had fallen in love and was getting married. “Our songs have always been hopeful,” explains Eze. “And Zech was coming up with these pretty heavy songs. I helped him finish them, and I kept trying to add these aspects of hope to it. So, when you listen to the album, it’s like a clash of two realities.” That clash can be heard in the synth-driven pop-rock of “Feel It Coming,” an upbeat, uplifting, and anthemic song despite it tackling the idea of exploding anger. “For me, it’s about realizing I had a breaking point, I couldn’t sit there and play quietly forever,” Zech offers. “People talk about bottling stuff up. It’s an unhealthy way to go about things.”

The band recorded the album in Bowen’s garage and Homesurgery Recordings in Melbourne, alongside producers Hayden Calnin (Didirri, Harrison Storm, and a Nettwerk solo artist in his own right) and Jackson Barclay (Vera Blue, Winterbourne, Timberwolf).

The album – a dynamic mix of organic, acoustic elements and electronic flourishes – is the most frank of Woodlock’s career.

“Settle Down” is in stores now; click HERE: https://woodlock.ffm.to/settledown.

To pre-order the album, click HERE: https://woodlock.ffm.to/thefutureofanend.

The Future Of An End Track List:

  1. Watchmaker
  2. Feel It Coming
  3. The Future of an End
  4. Settle Down
  5. Start Again
  6. I Think I Know
  7. Only Human
  8. Collateral
  9. Idol (My Old Friend)
  10. Normal
  11. Superhero
  12. In Your Mother’s Arm
  13. Friends