William Fitzsimmons Shares Details To ‘No Promises: The Astronaut’s Return’ Deluxe Album; Listen To “Stranded” 

September 24, 2021 BY Nettwerk



Praise For ‘Ready The Astronaut’:

“William Fitzsimmons continues to model what it is to be a great singer/songwriter” – Under The Radar
“Such is the magic of William Fitzsimmons that he can weave a terrific framework while evoking such terrifying emotions” – Atwood
“evokes a feeling of sadness and loss, but taking a closer listen, there is a tremendous amount of strength throughout” – American Songwriter
“He’s writing music as a way of working through his life… it’s proved to be a key part of his healing process. And who knows? Listening to it might be part of yours too” – RELEVANT Magazine
“it’s a bit bolder entry in a catalog that’s anchored by Fitzsimmons’ ability to connect as few artists can” – Analogue
“his assessment of the risks and rewards of love, the effects of failure, and the fear we have to overcome makes for a smart and insightful record” – PopMatters
“he’s one of the people I compare all emerging artists to” – Ear To The Ground

Throughout his career, William Fitzsimmons has made his living writing a specific brand of honest and inward-looking folk songs that fearlessly and candidly examine the evolving self while dexterously communicating his talent for rich melodies and catchy instrumentation. Fitzsimmons has released nearly a dozen full-length EP and live records of profound and intensely personal material. When it comes to his songwriting, nothing in his private life is off-limits.

In June, Fitzsimmons released Ready the Astronaut as a powerful testament to his past by weaving his story through the familiar tale of Icarus. On December 10, Fitzsimmons will release No Promises: The Astronaut’s Return, further illustrating his willingness to accept his life’s highs and lows by paying tribute to their influence on the future. The 13-track deluxe release includes alternate versions of the songs from Ready The Astronaut and two previously unreleased songs and a non-traditional remix from Australian-Icelandic duo Oehl.

The No Promises record is a fully-formed reimagining of the Ready The Astronaut record, including two completely new songs. These are not remixes or stripped-down versions; this is a full collection of songs imagined in a manner reminiscent of the way I originally envisioned the songs. The entire record was recorded with myself and Abby Gundersen alone. Piano, strings, guitars, vocals. Ambient, sweet, and raw. This is the flip side of the original record, and it completes the full story of the Astronaut’s journey. And I literally could not be more proud and excited for you to hear it.

To kick things off, Fitzsimmons shares the first of two new songs called “Stranded.” “‘Stranded’ was one of the earliest songs written for the Astronaut record, but, like occasionally happens, it didn’t seem to fit with the original collection of songs. But I knew it would be a part of the second album for certain. Like many of the songs written for these projects, it’s rather angry and blame-ridden, much more so than any earlier song. It’s an honest, raw expression of the feeling of being blindsided by someone you thought you could trust.”

Track List:

1. No Promises (Alternate Version)
2. Heal Me Now
3. Stranded
4. Daedalus, My Father (Alternate Version)
5. Maybe She Will Change Her Mind (Ascensionism)
6. Ready the Astronaut (Alternate Version)
7. Icarus (Alternative Version)
8. To Love Forever (Alternate Version)
9. As Long as I Can Breathe (Alternate Version)
10. Down with Another One (Alternate Version)
11. Dancing on the Sun (Alternate Version)
12. You Let Me Down (Alternate Version)
13. Down with Another One (Oehl Remix)

To pre-save No Promises: The Astronaut’s Return, click HERE. Ready The Astronaut is available at all digital retailers HERE.