Wanting Qu Breaks Silence With Emotional New Single “Your Girl” Dedicated To Her Detained Mother In China

July 20, 2016 BY Nettwerk

Vancouver based, platinum selling singer-songwriter Wanting Qu shares emotional new single “Your Girl.” Dedicated to her mother, the song was written during the devastatingly heartbreaking period when she learned of her mother’s arrest and detainment in Harbin, China.
I experienced so much emotion, so much confusion, anger, sadness and anxiety,” says Wanting. “I knew the only way for me to survive was through songwriting, my therapy to stay sane… to hold myself together. Though I haven’t been able to talk to her, feel her or reach her in anyway in the last two years, I know deep down in my heart, there’s a place that’s warm like the sun and bright like the moon. It’s a place for a daughter like me and a mother like her. I believe that place exists in everyone’s heart. I hope she can hear the song and it gives her love and strength.
The first line of “Your Girl” reads as follows:
“Your name gives it away, You’re my sun and my moon, the bright light of my every day”
Wanting’s mother’s given name has the symbol 明 (ming) in it.
明 is made up of two symbols: 日 (sun) and 月 (moon.)
明 means brightness, light, and tomorrow.