Vraell’s new EP Smoke out today

November 11, 2022 BY Jason Currell

London-based musician & producer Vraell has released his new EP Smoke through Nettwerk today, featuring all the previous singles from this year, such as “Collateral,” “Flicker” and “Point“.

The new release showcases the musical versatility of Vraell, featuring intricate acoustic guitar, interspaced with electronic flourishes as his sincere, heartfelt vocals soar throughout the tracks. The EP tackles the topics of abuse and trauma, and how people try to survive it… dealing with immediate deep-rooted feelings and things that happen over the years, all the people along the way, including oneself. From start to finish, Smoke EP presents a vivid snapshot of Vraell’s world and invokes deep emotions that resonate with everyone.

“At the root of it all – this EP is about abuse and the lengths/distances you go to keep the trauma at bay. It’s dealing with the aftermath of it and how we carry it in these cycles, and if we aren’t careful this can destroy relationships and ourselves in the process,” Vraell explained.

Listen to Smoke EP:

Watch the visualiser for the title track “Smoke” below:

Vraell (real name Alessio Scozzaro) is a classically trained musician who’s been releasing music under the Vraell moniker since early 2019, slowly building up an online audience for his ethereal sounds. Taking inspiration from composers such as Gustsavo Santaolalla and contemporary acts like Sufjan Stevens and RY X, Scozzaro’s songwriting explores hefty, personal themes, transforming these topics into relatable and emotive remedies. Vraell’s self-released debut EP ‘Fall‘ came out in 2020.

Smoke EP [tracklisting]
1. Collateral
2. Flicker
3. Point
4. Minimum
5. Smoke