Vraell Shares “Collateral (Alternate Version)”

October 14, 2022 BY Jason Currell

London-based musician & producer Vraell has today shared his new single titled “Collateral (Alternate Version)”, an instrumental version of “Collateral” released earlier this year.

He turns the original version into a beautiful instrumental piece weaved together by just a guitar and a violin, giving the melancholic track a poetic new look. The alternate version perfectly captures the bittersweetness of “Collateral” and showcases the musical versatility of Vraell.

Listen to “Collateral (Alternate Version)” here and below:

In the original version Vraell’s ethereal vocals and sweeping, yet subtle productions, the melancholic track is about trying to get a person you care about to leave a bad situation with you. “It kind of delves into retrospect of why they haven’t left with you/cared for leaving in the first place and why they’re still not,” he further explained. “But you’re then absorbing all their fatality and it’s kind of killing you because you constantly empathise. I think this song at heart is just about helplessness and shock at the other person’s stupor in a place that is severely detrimental over the years.

Listen to “Collateral” here and below:

Vraell’s upcoming new EP Smoke featuring all his previous singles from this year is due out next month via Nettwerk. He’ll be playing a show at The Slaughtered Lamb in London on 10th November, tickets are available HERE.

Vraell (real name Alessio Scozzaro) is a classically trained musician who’s been releasing music under the Vraell moniker since early 2019, slowly building up an online audience for his ethereal sounds. Taking inspiration from composers such as Gustsavo Santaolalla and contemporary acts like Sufjan Stevens and RY X, Scozzaro’s songwriting explores hefty, personal themes, transforming these topics into relatable and emotive remedies. Vraell’s self-released debut EP ‘Fall‘ came out in 2020.

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