Visionary Artist The Album Leaf Teams Up With Canadian Indie Darlings Dizzy On New Single “Say So”

December 2, 2022 BY Jason Currell

Canadian indie pop artist Dizzy has joined forces with prestigious Los Angeles-based electronic artist The Album Leaf for his new single, “Say So.” The pulsing track combines the immersive electronic beats visionary Jimmy LaValle has become known for with Katie Munshaw of Dizzy’s ethereal vocals. 

LaValle explains how the collaboration came about, “‘Say So’ is a cool track that started out as a completely different one. I had sent Katie a different track to write and sing to, and when she sent me her vocal track back, I thought my original song didn’t quite fit the metaphorical, playful nature of her lyrics and delivery. It was a fun process to completely write a new track inspired by her vocal. I wanted to experiment with some uncomfortable melodic elements, sounds and just generally make a playful track.”

Katie adds, “I used to get these ladybugs that would hide out in my bedroom during the winter months. They’d fly at my computer screen, and I simultaneously hated when they came near me but also felt betrayed how they wanted to leave in the spring. I thought they were a pretty accurate metaphor for real relationships in my life, so I decided to write about it. I wrote ‘Say So’ with The Album Leaf peak pandemic. It was one of the first times writing without my band members, and it was exciting to feel vulnerable writing with someone new, albeit locked inside my room with bugs.”


The Album Leaf has been steadily making his mark as a soft-spoken innovator since 1999. Now based in LA, Jimmy LaValle started out in the San Diego music scene creating vivid, rhythmic, soaring instrumentals centered around the Rhodes piano. With over two decades of acclaimed releases (for Sub Pop, City Slang, and others), countless film scores, and numerous collaborations with artists and brands, he has become a touchstone for the next generation’s wave of melodic and meditative electro-organic music.

Stay tuned for more from The Album Leaf soon.