Vancouver Psych-Pop, Old Man Canyon Questions Reality with “What’s Even Real Anymore,” New EP out 9/29

August 25, 2023 BY Jason Currell

Today, Vancouver singer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist alternative pop-psych artist Old Man Canyon questions reality with his new single “What’s Even Real Anymore” from his upcoming EP So Long Babylon, out September 29. “What’s Even Real Anymore” comes paired with an incredibly hypnotizing visual shot on 35mm film near Kamloops BC, Canada in the Desert Hills of Cache Creek, the video combines both real scenery and computer animation as Jett Pace (Old Man Canyon) hinges on soft and lush vocals to convey the dissonance we feel between truth and illusion. “What’s Even Real Anymore” continues to showcase Jett’s impeccable detail to layered live instrumentation, analog synths, and ethereal vocals as he paints stories and questions the world.

Jett Pace shares, “While I was writing this song, I had a bunch of UFO sightings…. There was a two-week period where I quite literally would go outside, in the middle of the day, look up and see these strange metallic lights hovering in the sky over my house. Sometimes there would be 3 or more, disappearing, reappearing, staying in one spot for hours, forming triangles, and shooting off super-fast. I still have no clue what they are, but there was something magic about those experiences that instilled a sense of curiosity that I hadn’t felt since I was a kid, it opened me up again. Coupled with the confusion of the world, every source of truth was being questioned in some way. I think a lot of people felt the same.”

Additionally, Jett Pace (Old Man Canyon) has announced the release show for So Long Babylon on October 1st at The Hollywood Theatre in Vancouver, B.C., CA with support from Taletta and Cam Blake. Tickets can be found here. “What’s Even Real Anymore” is available on all streaming platforms here.


So Long Babylon represents a musical evolution. He introduced new music from the announced EP with the single “Out of Reach,” followed by “Never Apart.” Evoked with electronic-style transmissions from traditional instruments while exploring new ways of recording and getting sounds, Jett wanted to challenge himself to push beyond what was comfortable. He primarily recorded with analog equipment, and played every instrument on the record himself, at his home studio. Additionally, all the single art is based on paintings Jett Pace created himself. So Long Babylon will be out on September 29th via Nettwerk.  

Oct 1 – Hollywood Theatre – Vancouver, B.C., CAN