Vacation Manor Release New Song “Can’t Run Forever” From Upcoming Debut Album

January 25, 2021 BY Nettwerk

Virginia-based indie rock duo Vacation Manor —Nathan Towles and Cole Young—have released a new dreamy pop track called “Can’t Run Forever,” out today on all digital retailers HERE.

“’Can’t Run Forever’ was, in a strange twist of events, the last song to be written for the upcoming album,” the band says. “We had a friend (Nick Purvis) visiting for the weekend, and the three of us went over to our studio thinking we’d just hang out for a little bit. A few hours later, most of the song was written and recorded, and that’s the version of the song you’re hearing now. It’s the first song to be released that we’ve ever self-produced and engineered, and we really wanted to embrace, or even encourage, the quirkiness we were hearing in the song. Once we were finished, we felt as though ‘Can’t Run Forever’ was, in a good way, quite self-referential to the music we were making in our early days of being a band, while still embodying our current sensibilities. Having a track with that spirit to it on our debut album gave us the sense of completion we were looking for in our final weeks of writing.” 

Painting in broad strokes of lush guitars, bright melodies, shimmering rhythms, and cinematic and intimate lyrics, Vacation Manor have been making music together since 2016. The indie rock/pop duo’s debut EP, Girl, Say, yielded fan favorites such as “A Toast and a Spirit” and “Careless.” On its heels, 2018’s Everything I Can’t Say Out Loud elevated their total streams past 25 million. In 2019, they reteamed with Girl, Say producer Kyle Cummings and wrote and recorded their new EP, Thoughts In Progress, Pt. 1, which featured stand-out track “Apt. 4.” Atwood called the song, “Exceedingly authentic, catchy, and honest … laden with earworm lyrics and bright sounds,” while RIFF Magazine commented, “the track has a ’90s acoustic pop-rock feel to it with the bright chords and fluttering melodies,” Cheers To The Vikings said “this song is going to leave you stuck on repeat for days,” and Independent Music Reviews called Vacation Manor “a lush indie pop duo.”

Vacation Manor will be releasing their debut full-length album this spring; stay tuned for more details.