Toronto-Based Korean Bedroom Pop Artist PEACH LUFFE Shares New Track “Quite Like You”

November 17, 2023 BY Bailey Vigliaturo

Today, Peach Luffe (Peach LOO-FEE) shares his lush new single, “Quite Like You.”  When talking about the introspective track, he explains, “Being open and vulnerable to the core has always been difficult for me. I finally met someone who I wanted to share everything with. All of my ups and downs, and all of my flaws. But I’m afraid if I am that open with someone, what if I’m a burden, and it all comes crumbling down on me?”  


The project is the vision of Jong Lee, a classically trained violinist who was born in Seoul, South Korea, raised in Buffalo, New York, and is now based in Toronto. Known for creating daydream-worthy pop, Jong leans on his classical foundation to build lush soundscapes that transport his listeners. The moniker Peach Luffe was inspired by his love of peaches and the manga One Piece’s main character, Luffy.

Peach Luffe began as a project solo in Lee’s bedroom during the pandemic and slowly grew to be a full band, numerous collaborators, and his beloved sidekick, Mango the Cat.  A prolific songwriter, Jong released his first EP, Shimmer, in 2020, his debut album, Everything is Peachy, in 2022, and four other EPs in less than four years.  He has received early support from tastemakers like CBC, Atwood Magazine, and Exclaim! and from influential playlists like Spotify’s IndiePop and Dreampop. Spotify also selected him for a billboard in Toronto’s Dundas Square for Asian Heritage Month in May of 2023. His single, “Shimmer,” has been synced in Korean advertisements and the 2022 film Swearing Jar. He is a confirmed artist for SXSW 2024. “Quite Like You” follows the smooth indie-pop single, “Say It Back,” which features Jong’s soulful vocals and violin prowess layered over jazz-tinged full-band instrumentation.