Together Pangea Release “Bet You Wish I Would Call” From Upcoming EP ‘Dispassionate’ Out May 31

February 11, 2019 BY Nettwerk

Los Angeles’ Together Pangea share “Bet You Wish I Would Call,” the first new song from their upcoming EP Dispassionate, out May 31st.  It premiered via FLOOD, who called it “a chilled-out throwback track ideal for beach hangs and backyard get-togethers.”

Listen To + Share “Bet You Wish I Would Call” Here:

Dispassionate is the second of back to back EPs from Together Pangea.  In October, they released Non-Stop Paranoia, comprised of 5 tracks whose lyrics reflect anxiety and paranoia in the age of misinformation. The band delivered a follow up EP to soothe those anxieties with self-reflection and reminders of what we love and cherish.

Vocalist/guitarist William Keegan explains, “Dispassionate is the moon and Non Stop Paranoia was the sun.  These new songs are kind of the opposite of the last batch. They are calmer and self-reflective, and the style is influenced by the 50’s and 60’s revival that happened in the 80’s. ‘Bet You Wish I Would Call’ is a 60’s pop-influenced song with stream of consciousness lyrics that are meant to be comforting. It’s a song that you can listen to while drinking iced tea by the pool and taking it easy. A lot of our music is either aggressive or sad. With this song, I wanted to write something a little more positive.”

Together Pangea will be announcing headline tour dates in the coming weeks.