Tim Atlas Returns With New Single “Knockin” Off Upcoming EP ‘Le Soir’ Out 8/25

May 12, 2023 BY Jason Currell

Multi-hyphenate singer, songwriter, and producer Tim Atlas announces upcoming EP Le Soir  out 8/25. Tim teases what’s to come with ear-catching, electric single “Knockin” and announces a headlining U.S. tour.

Tim describes the upcoming project, ”Le Soir is the first installment of three in this collection of songs. I decided that this first wave of music felt connected in their experimental nature. Le Soir translates to ‘at night.’”

“I tend to associate the night with feeling disoriented the longer I’m awake. I think a lot of songwriters will work well into the early morning, and the results end up unlocking creative tendencies in the process. Sometimes feeling uncomfortable can be a great thing. Did I write all of these songs at 3am? No. I can appreciate an early bedtime. But the thread through this EP is that they all have these elements that feel very different, sometimes discombobulated, especially in comparison to some of the more California-inspired sunshine you’ll hear in a lot of my previously released music,’’ he continues.

“Knockin is a song about magnetism towards someone romantically. “The synergy that builds between two people can feel relentless. We all love the banter, the jokes, the flirting because at the end of the day, it makes us feel wanted and chosen,” says Tim of the single.

He continues, “In the midst of all the energy the song holds, the lyrics portray a bit of a darker layer that can mistake attraction for escape. Escape from heartbreak, from any pressure that life throws your way. So while there’s passion, excitement, and newfound connection in this song, the escape feels temporary. At least until the following day.

“Knockin” was one of the first songs Tim wrote after his move from California to NYC. After testing out the waters, Tim ultimately rented a recording studio in Brooklyn, where the Le Soir EP came to life.  His move to NYC, where you can be whoever you want without boundaries, is symbolic of his new music. He leaned into a more grungy, industrial sound to produce his most experimental and liberating body of work to date. “This record,” Tim shares, “represents the different corners of my artistry that I never really got to showcase.” 

Tim’s tour kicks off in September in Cambridge, MA in September. He’s previously supported artists to the likes of Jungle Giants, Magic City Hippies, and Goldroom on tour. Tim’s avid fanbase has helped him garner over 150 million streams to date.