The Woodlands Announce New Album ‘Love Is a Sone,’ Out June 6

February 9, 2021 BY Nettwerk

Wife and husband singer-songwriter duo The Woodlands (Hannah and Samuel Robertson) craft intimate songs of inner wonder and exploration, softly strummed and softly sung. Their upcoming album Love Is a Stone, out June 6 via Nettwerk, is a collection of songs that reflect the multiplicity of love, but also the vast spectrum of the bigger picture of life. “We are both broken and restored by love,” says Samuel. “These songs deal with the thematic muses of intimacy, solitude, depression, exaltation, death, beauty, sadness, sweetness — all of which are love. They take place within introspection of the soul, in the outer natural world, and in the projections of future dreams.”

They announce Love Is a Stone with album track “Trouble in Your Heart.” Pairing lullaby-style keys with an intense lyrical catharsis, “Trouble in Your Heart” is about depression — palpable trouble in the heart that rumbles in the dark and causes a longing to flee the pain and seek solace. The song is available at all digital retailers HERE.



The Woodlands previously teased the upcoming album with “I Need To Love You,” a song about enduring love and the strong driving force that compels it. “We’ve had conversations about death,” admits Samuel. “What if one of us dies? We feel like we have each other now. Could we even decide not to love each other? It was almost like a mental exercise. Could I stop loving you even if I wanted to? The answer was, ‘No.’ We were on a hike in the woods, and I couldn’t escape the melody. It came together naturally.”

Over a decade ago, two quiet souls first crossed paths, married, traipsed around the U.S., Europe, and Central America, moved to Oregon, made three albums, and finally settled in the tiny town of McCall, Idaho (pop. 3,470).

The whole story plays out with the euphoria of a daydream-come-true—much like the music of The Woodlands does. After hundreds of syncs, acclaim from the likes of Paste, Spin and KCRW, and over 40 million total streams, the singer-songwriter duo slips deeper into aural bliss as they prepare for the release of Love Is a Stone.  

Stay tuned for more music and news from The Woodlands.