The Sweeplings Announce Forthcoming S/T Album with New Single “Can I Have Forever With You”

September 15, 2023 BY Danielle Romeo

On their upcoming self-titled album, The Sweeplings—Whitney Dean and Cami Bradley—absorb the sorrow of loss, the uncertainty of change, and the triumph of perseverance with heads held high and hearts wide open across 11 tracks of eloquent indie songcraft and folk lyricism. The Sweeplings is set for release December 1, and today they share new single “Can I Have Forever With You.” Listen HERE.

On “Can I Have Forever With You,” Cami’s vocals swoon in a lovestruck jazz-y cadence underlined by finger-snaps and subtle strumming accented by strings. “It’s a sweet little song,” she says. “It’s a love story for sure, but it also captures all of those questions, butterflies, and the things you hope for. We wanted the chords and production to match the lyrics.”

Of the album, Cami adds, “This music is the accumulation of us as a band, our lives, and unfortunately, a lot of tragedy. We’ve both worked through so many ups and downs, and we put our stories together in the individual songs. It’s the whole journey from the beginning to where we are now—and all of the love and loss in between.”

The Sweeplings soundtrack life in all of its truth and beauty, connecting with audiences through vulnerability and honesty. For the better part of a decade, they’ve opened up across a series of EPs, their full-length debut Rise & Fall [2017] and the follow-up Debris [2022]. Continuing to resonate, “Chains” amassed over 33 million Spotify streams and counting followed by “Hold Me” with 21 million Spotify streams and “Across the Sea” with over 19 million Spotify streams. Meanwhile, their influence has quietly coursed through popular culture with placements in Pretty Little LiarsThe Vampire DiariesGood Behavior, and Longmire, to name a few. The musicians even performed “In Too Deep” during an episode of The Fosters.

Stay tune for more news and music from The Sweeplings.

The Sweeplings Tracklist:
1: Fever Running Loose
2: Drag Me Deeper (oh no)
3: My Ach’n Heart
4: Nothing Can Keep Me From You
5: No Mercy
6: Just Like That
7: Stay
8: Can I Have Forever With You
9: The Only One
10: Without You
11: Farewell

Photo Credit: Glass Jar Photography // Download Here