The Light The Heat & Roary Unveil the Shimmering New EP ‘Afterlight’

November 19, 2021 BY Nettwerk

Today, cinematic indie folk duo, The Light The Heat, and collaborator, Roary, unveil their powerful and thought-provoking new EP, Afterlight. Over the course of three songs and two acoustic versions, Nathan Horst and Jesse Proctor provides a light in the darkness with cathartic themes of reconciliation and self-reflection. Sonically they expand upon their sound combining acoustic and organic instrumentation, Russian and Asian instruments, with Roary’s unique programming and production style.

On first single “Afterlight,” listeners bask in the glistening synths, airy strings, and elegant guitar as the track builds towards a sweeping and soaring refrain. Delicate acoustic guitar entwines with evocative vocals on “Waking Up,” which Jesse describes as “folkier and more like classic The Light The Heat.”  Then, there’s “Feel Alive.” Revolving around a Taiko drum groove, the momentum culminates on a hypnotic hook, “Finally I feel alive.”

“When you listen to this, I hope you feel a sense of empowerment,” says songwriter and vocalist Nathan. “There’s a positive spin to the lyrics. You don’t hear a lot of positivity out there in music, it can be challenging to sound authentic.”



Nathan Horst and Jesse Proctor initially met in 2014 and collaborated on music for film and television. Locking into a groove, the pair unveiled the Silhouettes EP during 2017 as The Light The Heat. Following a series of singles and the holiday Back to the Start EP, the band served up their full-length debut, Wide Awake, in 2020. “All For You” amassed over 5 million Spotify streams, while “Rest of Our Lives” generated north of 3.5 million streams as “Endless Story” also crossed the 1 million-mark. After hearing the title track “Wide Awake,” Nashville artist-producer Roary reached out on Instagram. He sent over an instrumental, and The Light The Heat immediately embraced the vibe.

With Roary in Nashville, TN, Nathan in Harrisburg, PA, and Jesse in Tacoma, WA, the musicians collaborated throughout the next year and architected Afterlight, sharing online sessions live in real-time as if they were in the room. Working together intimately albeit, remotely, Roary added another dimension to the band’s signature sound as they recorded three originals and accompanying acoustic versions.

Together, they assemble ponderous cinematic indie-folk out of lush instrumentation, thought-provoking lyrics, and soft harmonies. For as much as the music reveals about its creators, it might just show you a thing or two about yourself. “For us, 2020 was a year of reflection,” observes Nathan. “We found ourselves and woke up like, ‘How can we become our true selves and not just be spectators, but actually get involved?’ It encouraged a lot of self-reflection.”’’


“Especially as so much of the world tries to emerge from difficult times, while still facing so much heartache and uncertainty, “Afterlight” is a reminder of what is good and overall brighter days.” –Variance Magazine


“Powerful and cathartic, the band emotes a feeling of reconciliation and renewal.” –Big Takeover


“…a beautiful and spacious hook that helps the song become a part of you after that first listen…” –Jammerzine