The East Pointers Share New EP ‘House of Dreams’; a collection of melodic, glowing, nostalgia-flared, folk experimental pop

October 1, 2022 BY Jason Currell

Koady would be pissed if we didn’t get these songs out to the world,” Tim Chaisson admits, talking fondly about his cousin. “We can still feel Koady’s excitement about the new songs and that’s what continues to drive this band forward,” adds Jake Charron.

TodayJUNO-award-winning indie-folk trio The East Pointers share their new seven-song EP, House of Dreams. The Canadian-born and Prince Edward Island/Ontario trio crafted the new songs out of pandemic downtime with a desire to always be pushing forward. With their Australian tour canceled in March 2020 and international touring paused, The East Pointers–the late Koady Chaisson (banjo, tenor guitar, bass synth), Tim Chaisson (vocals, fiddle, percussion), and Jake Charron (guitar, keyboards)–got to work on hammering out these new songs at home in P.E.I. with their great friend Colin MacDonald of The Trews joining virtually from Ontario.

Over twenty new songs were written, and eventually, award-winning producer Derek Hoffman (ArkellsTim HicksDonovan Woods) was brought on board to help record the best of these songs, including lead singles “Save Your Lonely,” “Stronger Than You Know,” and “I Saw Your Ghost,” into what would be House of Dreams.

With Hoffman’s engineering skills and expertise at the board, the trio were overjoyed with the virtual recording process from Jake’s home studio and the sonic boundaries he allowed them to push: Shiny and melodic, glowing, nostalgia-flared, folk experimental pop but with the same driving trad instrumental hooks for which the band has become known and revered around the world. So, onward the two remaining members pressed, and with the help of Derek Hoffman, they succeeded in putting their finishing touches on House of Dreams, out today. House of Dreams is available on all digital retailers here.




Fans of The East Pointers certainly have Koady to thank for being the kinetic force behind the JUNO-Award-winning indie-folk trio, all throughout the group’s prolific career since forming in 2014. The dancefloor-shaking, ceiling-rattling, electro-trad breakdown, three-part harmony, glorious combination of folk, pop, and dance music has brought so much joy to fans from Canada to Japan, Australia to Mexico, England to America, and all around the world. And now, even posthumously, Koady’s energetic fire continues to blaze the musical trail onward.

Those who were lucky to have been influenced by his creative and generous soul felt like a black hole had suddenly formed where the supernova of Koady’s light had been. Koady’s journey of recovery from substance abuse had aligned perfectly with the road of The East Pointers over the course of the last eight years and he often credited the band with saving his life – a story that proved to inspire countless others who learned of his path to wellness.


The House of Dreams
Stronger Than You Know
I Saw Your Ghost
Save Your Lonely
Kayla, For Me
When I Had You
Happy As I’ve Never Been

Photo Credit: Luke Eastmure | Download HERE