Terrible Sons Release New EP ‘Mass’

February 12, 2021 BY Nettwerk

Today, New Zealand husband/wife duo Terrible Sons (Lauren and Matthew Barus) release their anticipated new EP Mass, and it’s clear from the start that an evolution has taken place. From taking cues from folk tradition by singing their own version of a protest song to involving each other in their writing processes early on, Mass establishes a stronger connection between Terrible Sons and the world at large, while also signifying a more cohesive sound thanks to their more connected writing partnership. Producer Tom Healy (Tiny Ruins) took the organic, analog, and acoustic sounds Terrible Sons are known for, and warped them to a perfect degree of idiosyncrasy — harmonies were played in reverse and stacked, brass and organ made appearances, and layers of percussion were added for a louder, more dynamic rhythmic texture.

Listen To Mass Here: https://terriblesons.ffm.to/massep

The duo announced the EP with infectious and upbeat lead single “You Are the Gold,” which lyrically contains the emotional weight of a love song while musically exuding the energy of a dance track. Then came the reflective “The World Is Walking Over Us,” a call to action in a time when the divide between rich and poor is getting wider and wider. And finally, they shared “What a Friend,” which paints a deep welling sadness, but then, like a lot of what Terrible Sons do, it comes up for air transforming into something else — a signal to keep the faith, even in life’s darker moments.

Mass was made in true collaborative spirit, between friends and family, and it comes at a time when collectivity has never been more relevant. At its core, Mass is about resilience, about making your voice heard, even if it seems the world isn’t listening.

Terrible Sons is the moniker for husband/wife duo Matthew and Lauren Barus, who work and live with their two children in an intentional community near Christchurch, NZ. While the music they’ve made in the past has reflected the intimate and bucolic warmth that wraps around their family, Terrible Sons has never shied away from revealing the more vulnerable feelings that define us all: heartbreak, loneliness, exhaustion.