Terrible Sons New EP ‘Alabaster Mountain’ Out Today

October 22, 2021 BY Nettwerk



Today, New Zealand wife and husband duo Terrible Sons (Lauren and Matthew Barus) release their latest EP Alabaster Mountain, a collection of B-sides taken from their 2018 EP Half Awake, Half Asleep.

Terrible Sons is no stranger to the idea of community. When the pandemic hit, they were inspired by the worldwide feeling of connection and sought to capture that sentiment on their 2021 EP, Mass. They now look to get back to their roots with the beautiful acoustic recordings for Alasbaster Mountain.

On standout arrangement, “Your Story,” they capture the notion that “When the stories are without fail, grand and fabulous and your trust withers. Do you say anything?”

A decade ago, our city of Otautahi, Christchurch, experienced a calamitous earthquake which changed the landscape visually and headspace-wise. Alabaster Mountain refers to a pile of Oamaru limestone that was shoveled out of the way after the quake. I remember driving down one of the many one-way streets we have and suddenly confronting this large pile of discarded stone that once had made something so grand. We usually look for hope but this was about the end of things” – Terrible Sons

Lauren and Matt both have extensive music backgrounds – she has recorded with Lionel Richie and Stevie Wonder as a session artist and with his band The Dukes, Matthew has toured with Blondie and The Pretenders. More recently, the two work and live with their children in an intentional community near Christchurch, NZ. While the music they’ve made in the past has reflected the intimate and bucolic warmth that wraps around their family, Terrible Sons have never shied away from revealing the more vulnerable feelings that define us all: heartbreak, loneliness, exhaustion.

Track List:

1. Money On You

2. Holed Up

3. Diamond Harbour

4. Sweetest Fairytale

5. Hopelessly

6. Your Story