Synthpop duo Great Good Fine Ok signs with Nettwerk + shares new single “Will We Make It?”

October 27, 2023 BY Bailey Vigliaturo

LA-via-Brooklyn synth-pop stalwarts Great Good Fine Ok make their grand return with the new single “Will We Make It?” The track marks the duo’s first original music since early 2022 and serves as a delectable glimpse into their forthcoming EP out early 2024 via Nettwerk. The single is also accompanied by a music video directed by Eliot Charof (BENEE, AWOLNATION).

“Will We Make It?” showcases a revitalized soundscape of Great Good Fine Ok, blending warbling vocals with bass-y synths that are sure to entice listeners. Behind the lush and otherworldly production is multi-instrumentalist Luke Moellman, whose spacey production adds depth and dimension transporting listeners to a sonic realm where emotion and music collide in new and enthralling ways. The track features hypnotic high register gliding over a bridge that sets the stage for lead singer Jon Sandler‘s emotionally charged plea, “I really need to know right now, will we make it?” This lyrical exclamation delves into the uncertainty that often accompanies today’s complex world of relationships and connections with a relatable perspective.

Great Good Fine Ok share this of their new single,

“A couples therapist once told my partner and me that if ‘you’re confused to halt action’ We became paralyzed by uncertainty obeying this advice. You can get so far into a downward spiral that you forget how you even got there – wish you could rewind and ‘analyze the video.’ You can yell ‘I really need to know right now, will we make it,’ but there’s no one who can really answer that question, and you can never know for sure anyway. One thing is certain though: life is just a string of days and if you’re unhappy for a lot of them, you might want to make a change.”

Great Good Fine Ok reveals this about the music video,

“The music video for ‘Will We Make It?’ is the brainchild of director Eliot Charof and GGFO. Balancing the worlds of metaphor and reality, the video begs to be interpreted differently by each viewer. Without muddying the water of that experience with our own intentions, we’ll say that we wanted the visual representation of the song to feel as desperate and difficult as life can be. With negative outside forces always looming, everyone can relate to wondering if they will, in fact, make it. In the video we are on the verge of a new beginning – content, peaceful, when an intruder comes into our space and starts wreaking havoc. The more we try to defend what we perceive to be ours, the more we fail. She eventually steals our ‘identity’ and uses it against us. We are all constantly being confronted and ‘beaten up’ by our egos. At the end of the day, we hopefully still have love. The only weapon we need to combat life’s inevitable hardships.”

Great Good Fine Ok’s “Will We Make It?” is another testament to the band’s musical prowess that has spanned for a decade. With a track record of delivering uniquely crafted and sonically sprawling material, the pair continue to provide listeners with music that is both emotionally resonant and irresistibly danceable, which will be on full display with more new music soon.

“Will We Make It?” single is available on all DSPs here: