Synth-Pop Artist GEOGRAPHER Shares Sultry New Single Ahead Of Album

August 23, 2021 BY Nettwerk

Today, synth-pop luminary Geographer shares the latest cerebrally heartfelt single, “Never Let You Down,” from his upcoming album Down and Out In The Garden Of Earthly Delights (out November 12th). Formed in San Francisco, Geographer is the moniker for now Los Angeles-based artist Mike Deni.

Deni explains, “It is probably the most sultry song on the album.  The verses are about that delicious drink we all adore, which is 1 part desire and 2 parts insecurity, which we usually sip at the beginning of a romantic relationship.  A person occupies our minds at all times and then we wonder, ‘do they want us to be this into them?’  So often when we start a new connection, it is because a previous one was recently severed.  And those leave fears that then the new lover has to battle on their journey to our heart.  The refrain says ‘I’ll try not to let you down,’ which is an honest version of the romanticized ideal, represented in the title, which states emphatically, ‘I’ll never let you down.’  This is just a wink to myself about how our romantic goals very rarely match up with the romantic myths on which we’re fed.”


Part social scientist, part troubadour, if Geographer is an expert at anything, it’s precisely chronicling life’s imperfections. He has headlined many national tours, played Outside Lands, Firefly, and other festivals, released two critically acclaimed albums, and performed with such musical luminaries as K.Flay, The Flaming Lips, Young The Giant, Tycho, Ratatat, Betty Who, and Tokyo Police Club.