April 28, 2023 BY Jason Currell

Synth-pop luminary Geographer shares his introspective new ballad, “One/Other.”

He explains, “It’s easy to forget, when examining the brief and bloody history of humanity, that through it all, from the dark ages to the social media era, there has also been the tiny, muffled, sweet voice of love. In our own lives, we feel it every day, whether we’re connected to it or not. But it so rarely leaves the confines of our bodies or our darkened rooms, and almost never finds its way into the all-important, fluorescently lit rooms of power, commerce, and politics. Love, that most human of all qualities, most precious of all resources, is neglected so utterly in our daily lives, pushed aside for goals and, hopes and priorities that are not our own. This song has a chorus that I refuse to believe in: ‘You only get one or the other.’ Yes, sure, that’s how it would seem. But how can that be? I feel trapped in, mollified, and opiated by a system that relegates my love to the status of mere fuel for the mechanisms of power, and yet my love exists all the same. As if the coal in the ground were destined for much more than our furnaces.”


The track follows the catchy new single, “I Don’t Remember It Starting,” which seamlessly blends nostalgic 80’s beats with the pitch-perfect falsetto he has become known for. Formed in San Francisco, Geographer is the moniker for now Los Angeles-based artist Mike Deni. Part social scientist, part troubadour, if Geographer is an expert at anything, it’s precisely chronicling life’s imperfections. He has headlined many national tours, played Outside Lands, Just Like Heaven, Firefly, Treefort, and other festivals, released three critically acclaimed albums, including 2021’s Down and Out In The Garden Of Earthly Delights,  and has performed with such musical luminaries as K.Flay, The Flaming Lips, Young The Giant, Tycho, Ratatat, Betty Who, and Tokyo Police Club.